There is nothing that boosts the positivity better than winning… even if it isn’t much. It’s so strange when you realize the simplicities of the human psych. It’s not always easy to see – being human myself – but when you realize something as simple as this you realize why so many companies use competitions for advertising and marketing their products. When you win, it feels as though you’re special, like someone thought of you. It’s so strange because it’s not really like that but the feeling can make you feel just as good, as if someone hand picked you!!

Anyway… the reason I thought of this topic is because I found a 1 in 25 lucky token in my COSMO this month :) Which is just so fantastic…. It’s so exciting!! I have been a COSMO fan for so long. I read the magazine every month and I think being included in their 25th birthday celebrations is really cool!! So THANK YOU COSMO for making me feel special! :)

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