Has everyone noticed the influx of learner drivers – well cars with red L’s on the back – on the roads recently?

Well I now know why! Apparently in South Africa, if you stick the red L on your back window you are allowed to drive! Now, don’t get me wrong, this is illegal, but for some reason a great deal of our population are convinced that this is how it works, and to be hones I don’t even think half of them no that they are doing something wrong.

You know which cars I am talking about… it’s usually an old UNO or a Tazz… even a Mazda 323, with dark tinted windows and a big red L. They are usually driving in the middle or fast lane of the highway, going about 80km/h (100km/h if you are lucky) and they are holding on to their steering wheels for dear life!

Now my question is, How does this happen? How is it that there are people that think that this is how it works? Where are the traffic cops when it comes to them? All the Metro seem to do nowadays is hide in the bushes, waiting for speeding cars, or setting up roadblocks at inappropriate times, causing unnecessary traffic!

Ok, I know I am moaning again… what can I say? The holidays are past now and it’s back to the 100km stretch a day…. you can’t blame me for thinking about cars and traffic, can you?? LOL

Happy Tuesday Peeps!

  • http://verbal-sid.blogspot.com Sid

    I got my first ticket yesterday … For not wearing a seatbelt. Sooo upset.

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