Does anyone have any idea why it is, that as soon as it rains people forget how to drive?

I can’t understand it. I mean, you expect to get to work later than usual because you have to drive slower, but to get to work 40 minutes later is just ridiculous.

Once again, the people at the Montecasino Boulevard – William Nicol Drive Intersection decided against following the rules so there was no way to turn into Montecasino Boulevard (unless you were driving a bulldozer or a monster truck – which I am seriously considering as my next choice of vehicle!).

I instead decided to take Witkoppen and go around the other way, only to find that traffic on Witkoppen was hardly moving! Although it was better because at least the people weren’t being retarded.

Well anyway, seeing as 2010 is supposed to be a positive year (I decided this on New Years Eve), I had better stop moaning, you know, with the law of attraction and all!

Hmmm… ok I found a positive – at least I had Gareth Cliff and the Team to keep me smiling! :lol:


Have a Happy Wednesday everybody!!!

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