So Yesterday was interesting. I foolishly thought that it was going to be a fantastic day as the sun was finally rearing its head from behind the murky and very unwelcome, clouds. I drove to work merrily – all 50km’s without a single complaint – and when I finally arrived at work I was feeling ready to face the week ahead.

The day went on and I was feeling productive and content, well, that is until approximately 11h00 when the clouds over powered the sun and once again won the battle that has been going on since early January.

The rain came down in buckets… seriously, it was like a flash flood. I decided not to let it bug me that just as it was getting time for me to go home, it started raining, so I just ignored it cheerily.

At 12h00 (home time), the rain had slowed to a spit and I made my way out of the basement parking. I drove the few 100m’s to the dreaded William Nicol- Montecasino Boulevard intersection and turning left ,I was accosted by a rather deep and unpleasant puddle. I didn’t think much of it, other than the fact that it was an awful reminder of the Sun’s losing battle, until I reached the robot before the N1 highway on-ramp.

I turned into the newly opened construction lane and slowed down to stop (the robot was red, of course) only to have my car stall. Ignoring the sudden rush of blood to my face, I tried to start my car again, and you guessed it, it was dead. There wasn’t even a hint of the usual grinding-key turning sound.

Now, I don’t know if anyone has ever been stuck on William Nicol, but if you have, I am sure you will agree – It is rather scary! I am not the extremely paranoid type but I also don’t really like it when my car becomes the leaning/resting post for the hoards of men selling stuff at the robot. Especially when only the day before I saw those same men getting chased by the cops!

Anyway…  I ended up waiting just over an hour for my designated tow truck to arrive (Thank God for Roadside Assist), only to get home (after a long, awkward, drive) to find that my car is in fact, fine. It was just behaving like a cat and died of fright when it was dragged through the puddle!

I didn’t go to work today, for fear of my car dying again, but I am going to have to face it tomorrow! So let’s hold thumbs that tomorrow the Sun wins!

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