Today is the first day of ‘Operation Stop Smoking’. It is long over due but I have finally decided that I am sick of letting my money burn away while it destroys my health.

So I decided that blogging about it, might help with the frustrations, as well as, help out with retaining the will power I desperately need.

Will power is a funny thing. You start off with so much of it that it seems to ooze out of you, but within 2 hours your brain (the desperately addicted part, anyway) starts trying to coerce the rational part of your brain into believing that the entire thing is unnecessary.

Desperately Addicted Part of Brain: Why are you putting yourself through this?

Rational Part of Brain: Because I WANT to stop smoking.

DAPB: But why? You like smoking?

RPB: No… you like smoking! I like being able to smell, and being healthy, and not having to sit in yucky smoking sections, and not being dependent on something as ridiculous as a cigarette!!

DAPB: But maybe you should try to quit another way… like cutting down first. This Nicorette Patch thing is really difficult and if you fail, then you won’t try again.

RPB: No, the Patch is cheaper and I am sick of burning/ smoking my money away!

DAPB: You’re just going to end up spending the money on things like food and other distractions anyway – and then you’ll get fat!

RPB: Crap. I remember that from the last time I tried to quit. Dammit I’m already thinking about food! Maybe you have a point!

DAPB: *Happy Dance*

RPB: No, it doesn’t have to be like that! I will not give in DAPB! BACK OFF!!

So for now I am winning and I will kep on winning, until the DAPB is gone for good!!!

Yes… that is what I shall continue to chant to myself… over and over… until it is, in fact, the truth :mrgreen:

  • Ducky

    Haha friend your funny!! hopefully you can stop!! maybe show me how its done so i too can quit!

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