I admit that since ‘Twilight’, I have developed a fascination with Vampire stories. And not just any type of Vampire stories but rather, the ‘girly’ kind – you know, the ones that somehow revolve around a love story? And both of the above mentioned book series’ by LJ Smith are those kind of stories.

Let’s start with ‘Vampire Diaries’ – if you have watched any episodes of the TV Series, don’t be fooled. It is nothing like it. The entire story, and even some characters, are completely different. When you read the books you’ll realize just how much they’ve changed it to make the series fit into the ‘Twilight’ phenomenon. Although, I will not at all complain about this because without it, there would be no Ian Somerhalder to picture as Damon.

Do you see why this would be a tragedy?

Anyway, this series is different in that, instead of focusing on the average girl (or the really pretty yet geeky girl) in high school, the story focuses on the most popular girl in high school, Elena. She has her usual group of friends (Caroline, Bonnie & Meredith) and their lives consist of boys, school and shopping – yes, they are the incredibly shallow type. That is, until Stephan moves to Fell’s Church.

Elena sees Stephan in the halls and immediately makes it her mission to have him. Stephan, on the other hand, only wants to avoid her because she looks so much like Katherine, his former love and the girl who changed him into , yip,  you guessed it – a Vampire!

The story goes on and eventually we are introduced to Damon (Now, I do suggest watching the TV series first so that you can have the pleasure of Ian Somerhalder as Damon throughout all 7 books!).

Just incase you need another reason ;)

The series is intricate and full of surprises – some weird, some terrible and some pleasant. I won’t give anything away, but I will say that these vampires (and other supernatural creatures) are not ‘fluffy’ (like those of the Twilight world) and the story does have it’s fair share of thriller and horror, but all-in-all, it is still a love story :)

Okay, *sniff* I shall move away from Damon/Ian, and all his deliciousness, and move on to the second series of books by LJ Smith – “Night World”.

“Night Word” is another series that focuses on the supernatural but it is entirely different to what we are expecting. Each book contains 3 stories which all intertwine, but are very different. The stories are all centralized around ‘The Soulmate Principle’ and although that may sound cheesy, there is a bigger picture.

These books are about ‘The Night World’ which is a world amoung our own, in which only ‘Night People’ (Vampires -made & born, witches, werewolves, shapeshifters, etc.) know about. There are two basic rules that each Night Person must follow – they cannot tell any humans about the Night World and they cannot fall in love with a human. Breaking any of these rules is a death sentence.

But there is a new generation of ‘Night People’ emerging and they no longer want to be entrapped by these rules… they do not agree with the predjudices of their world.

I have only read the first 3 books and I am hooked. LJ Smith definitely has a talent of completely engulfing you into any supernatural world she sees fit.

I definitely recommend both of these series’ to anyone who has a soft spot for love stories of the supernatural variety!

If you want to find out more about LJ Smith, you can visit her website here.


This is helping me beat the Monday Blues :mrgreen:

  • Felicity

    Awesome reviews hun :) And awesome pics… *sigh* Ian!!! He is soooo fine!!! yummy

  • Weeball

    Thanks, Felicity! Yes… he is sooooo YUMMY :) He’s like the epitome of manliness and sexiness and everything great about the male form… *sighs with you*

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