“Feel It, It is Here!” – That’s the catch phrase for the 2010 World Cup that they have been saying on 5fm for the past few weeks, well today is the first day where I can actually agree. Today everything seems to be becoming ‘real’ and it is damn exciting!

The Brazilian and Australian teams have arrived (the Brazilians causing more excitement, of course!) The ‘Real Kaka’ tweeted the following:

And here’s him arriving in Johannesburg :) (Image via @richardmaspero)

The vibe is only going to increase from this point! I can’t wait! (Yesterday I  even went through all the match details on the FIFA website and I even read through the rules!!) I don’t know much about soccer, for the moment, but what I can say for certain is that by the end of this World Cup, I am going to know everything there is to know :)

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