I remember when I first started watching ‘Sex and the City’, albeit I was a bit young, but I still appreciated the utter honesty and the humour of it. Yes, some things are a bit over exaggerated, but the great thing about ‘Sex and the City’ was that it wasn’t some fairytale filled with happy endings. There is a huge amount of reality in it.

Most women are actually like that. Okay, we don’t all have beautiful designer clothes, live in New York, or have 3 amazingly close friends, but we do all have at least one great girlfriend, we do all love the designer clothes and we do all love attention. But the biggest reality of all is that we do ALL LOVE sex. And yes, we do talk about it and we do discuss all the things that Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha talk about. (Okay, wait, maybe not Samantha, but that’s because we don’t all have a friend quite like her). My point is, that Sex and the City is not just some fluffy romcom that gives us some strange fantasies of soulmates and love at first sight.

Now, the reason I felt the need to mention all of that was because, if you have watched the first ‘Sex and the City’ movie, you probably would have felt as though they had turned it into exactly that – a romcom. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a good romcom. All of us ladies love it and most of us did love the first movie (me included). I mean, if I didn’t like the first one I wouldn’t have watched the second one, right? But now that I have watched the second one, I realize how far away from the series the first one was.

‘Sex and the City 2’ brings you right back to the TV series. It gives you all the same feelings and makes you laugh so hard that you cry. Samantha is back in full force, with all kinds of sex jokes, innuendos and sex in general. Charlotte is back to being the ‘girl next door’ who believes so desperately in fairytales. Miranda is once again her crazy, serious self, who has the best advice that anyone could ever need. And Carrie, of course, is back to questioning love! Throughout the movie you will be reminded of all of the things that made ‘Sex and the City’ the TV series so amazing in the first place!

They definitely hit the mark with this one and I suggest you go book your ticket right now :)

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