Traffic is fantastic! I think out of all the wonderful, exciting things about the FIFA World Cup 2010, I have been looking forward to NO ROADWORKS the most!

What a difference an extra lane makes, although I am a little worried by the fact that the general population doesn’t seem to know how to drive on a 4 lane highway. For some reason people think that there are now 3 lanes especially made for everyone driving between 80 and 100 km/h and 1 lane for anyone driving above 100 km/h.

And this would be okay if we were a patient people, but alas, we are not, so the effect is just that there are now a whole lot of cars weaving in the traffic, going between 120 and 160 km/h. This could make for some interesting car accidents and an increase in our wonderfully high death toll.

There are just so many more people (since the roadworks began) who don’t grasp the ‘keep left’ concept. I can’t understand why, I mean it is the simplest concept out of all of them. I also noticed that nobody really makes a big deal of it because everyone says, “well they shouldn’t be driving so fast anyway.” That is so beyond the point. Someone driving 120km/h is just as dangerous as someone driving 140 km/h. What do you think the difference in percentage survival rate is between the two in a head on collision? Yip, you guessed it. Not much! But if you look at the chances of causing an accident while weaving through traffic, as opposed to driving in one lane? There, you will see a difference.

If you stay out of their way and in the two lanes on the left, then they won’t have to endanger anyone’s life (except each others maybe), and they can get where ever it is that is so important and leave the rest of us out of it. So the way I see it, 80 km/h in the far left lane, 100km/h in the next lane to the right, 120km/h in the next lane to the right and anything above that in the far right lane. Now, obviously there are idiots that don’t understand this, and trucks that don’t care. So by all means, overtake on the right, but just for the love of all that is good, go back to the left once you have overtaken!

Okay, that is my driving lesson for today!!

Oh, so yesterday I was reading my June Issue of Cosmo and they had some of the sexy men coming over to SA for the Soccer. I have now decided that my second team will be the US. My reason : Carlos BOCANEGRA

But, of course, don’t worry, Ian. My heart still belongs to you :mrgreen:

  • Lindsey

    Love this!! I feel your pain :)

  • Lindsey

    and your joy – damn I think USA it will be!

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