I had no idea how crazy getting married could get. It’s the second time at being a bridesmaid for me and I must say that when my friend first asked me, I thought, ‘WOW. What an honor!’ Then when it got close to the time and everything was going crazy, I kept thinking, “Please, please, please, for the love of God, don’t ask me again!!” But now that it is over and done and everything turned out perfectly, I’m thinking, ‘WOW. So who’s next?”

I know it might sound melodramatic, but let me tell you why I was begging for no more.

Firstly, this friend’s wedding planning started 6 months ago. The wedding was originally set for November but then her mother decided that she wants to immigrate to New Zealand at the end of June so they moved the wedding up.

It was a small wedding so it didn’t seem to be a problem. Her mom got cracking on the decor immediately and they booked the venue and found photographers, when we went to Oakfield Farm for the Bridal Expo.

All seemed to be going great. The other bridesmaid had a family friend who could make our dresses and we all found our pictures, picked out the material and went for our first fitting! Everything seemed perfect.

Then real life went on and the next minute it was May. It felt as though it crept up on us, completely! Now on top of the sudden arrival of May, our dresses still weren’t done. This women, whom is now known as  ‘The Crazy Bitch” (TCB), had been “sick” in hospital and when we eventually got a hold of her she said that she would be finished.

2 weeks before the wedding we accepted that “The Crazy Bitch” is in fact just that. After countless phone calls and attempts at contact (they even drove to her house but were chased away) the mother of the bride gets an sms from TCB to say that we don’t need to worry but if we give her R2000.00 then she will be able to finish the dress and they can have it by the Saturday before. The Other Bridesmaid (TOB) had already, at this point, paid R1500.00 and the material for the wedding dress had been given to her.

As you can imagine, panic ensued. The Bride eventually found a beautiful dress from a dress-hire and they managed to get it fitted and it looked amazing. On the other hand though, we now had 2 bridesmaids without dresses. TOB found a friend who had a Lilac dress from her matric farewell and I went on a crazy shopping spree in an attempt to find a decently priced purple dress.

Needless to say, it was not fun. Although I was lucky enough to find a really beautiful dress at Truworths.

So we were finally feeling good about finding dresses, but then on Friday night, after getting our manicures done and while driving TOB home, I drove through some glass and managed to puncture my tyre pretty badly. So Saturday morning (the day of ‘The Wedding’) me and the bride were changing a tyre. It was hilarious actually and it felt great that we could actually do it with out even ruining a nail :)

So in essence, the entire ordeal, just reiterated my belief that no matter what, everything just works out. One way or another – it just has to!

The 3 of us, chilling at the reception!

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