I don’t want to talk about the stupid cars that can’t drive so I shall avoid that topic and move onto other, much better, things.

I finished “Spirit Bound” by Richelle Mead on Saturday. (In case you are unaware, “Spirit Bound” is the 5th book of the Vampire Academy series and was only just released here in SA).

It was amazing. The love story between Dimitri and Rose is epic. If you’ve read the first four you will understand exactly what I mean when I say that Edward and Bella have such a simple life, in comparison. WOW.

There are still another a book to come – thank God – it will be out in December. It’s called “Last Sacrifice”. I hate waiting for books, but to me, it is so much worse when a series is over. So I can definitely handle the wait. At least there are plenty of other things to keep me occupied…

There is quite a list of books that I still need and/or want to read actually – “Burned”, “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” , “Beautiful Creatures”, “Hush, Hush”, The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, The Oprah Biography, “Shantaram”, “Spud”…. WOW. There are actually loads because there are also the ones that are still set to release later this year like “Linger”, “Curse of the Werewolf Girl”, The last Vampire Diaries, The last Night World, “Torment”, etc. And let’s not forget all the ones, that I see with the infamous word that gets me every time, in between

Okay, that is just crazy. I never used to be this crazy… but anyway. So I got “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” Soundtrack last week and I am in love. Particularly with “Heavy in Your Arms” by Florence and the Machines.

The entire Soundtrack is great… but that is definitely on my ‘repeat over and over again’ list :)

There was something else I wanted to mention but now I cannot for the life of me remember what it was…

Oh yes… HAPPY ‘TUESDAY-THAT-IS-LIKE-A-FRIDAY’ EVERYONE! Enjoy watching the game tomorrow, where ever you are, and GO BAFANA BAFANA!! You can DO IT!! :)

*blows Vuvuzela extremely loudly over and over again*

Yes, I am on Team Vuvuzela :) I love them… deal with it!

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