Yesterday I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pair of tickets to go and watch Jesse Clegg live at The Fringe Theatre in Johannesburg. Now, I will be honest, I have always liked Jesse Clegg (probably because he is Johnny Clegg’s son) but when my brother-in-law gave me the tickets I couldn’t for the life of me remember what songs he sang. I just knew that he sang my kind of music and I am an alternative rock girl after all.

It wasn’t a big deal anyway, I mean who passes up the opportunity to watch a band live, and in such an intimate setting? Yeah, no one is that stupid.

So after a complicated effort with Mr Perfect and his rugby, I decided that my good friend, Ducky, would be the best one to take as my ‘date’. Anyway, so off we went to the theatre and what a surprise.

We were lucky enough to have front row seats and I am not even lying when I say that we were practically on the stage. It was awesome. As soon as we were seated in the nice and toasty theatre, I could already tell that it was definitely my type of thing.

At that point I still had no idea what to expect because Ducky also couldn’t remember any songs off hand, but as soon as the band came out and started playing I realized that I knew a lot more songs than I thought. I mean, I have been singing along to Jesse Clegg songs in traffic for quite a while and I had no clue.

The band was amazing and the performance was incredibly intimate – it almost had the feeling that you were a part of his inner circle, watching his performance for the first time. Although, it sounded nothing like a first time performance.

The guitarist’s solos were fantastic – and really entertaining to watch. The bassist’s beats and her natural rhythm, were strangely inspiring. The drummer was cute and fierce, and also really fun to watch. (Did I mention cute? Though I am not sure whether drummers would appreciate being called cute….). The keyboard player was just too cool. He just sat bobbing, looking completely chilled and filling every stereotype you could come up with. And then of course, there’s Jesse. He was great. His voice is soft, sensual, and rough at all the right places. You can see his musicality through all part os his performance. I mean, even while he is singing and stops actually strumming, his fingers are still playing the different strings.

It really was a great experience and I would definitely suggest that you go get yourself some tickets (if there are any available). He is only on until Sunday (20 June 2010). You can get them from Computicket, here.

If you want to know more about Jesse Clegg, you can visit his official site here.

Oh and here’s a video of “Heartbreak Street” in case, like me, you don’t really know who I am talking about.

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