As I have mentioned before, I am a complete crazy person when it comes to books, so obviously I can’t go through a weekend without reading one. This weekend it was “hush, hush” by Becca Fitzpatrick. I have wanted to read it for a while – well since my friend, Sprucey, recommended it on the forum. I thought it wasn’t out in South Africa yet, but while searching for the newest addition to ‘The House of Night Series, “Burned”, I came across it at CNA.

I started reading it almost immediately once I got home from shopping and battled to put it down for the rest of the weekend. If you enjoy the young adult fiction (such as Twilight, Vampire Academy, House of Night series, etc.), as I do, you will love “hush, hush”.

It is also a story of the supernatural variety, but rather than vampires, we find ourselves inside a world where angels are not just spiritual or religious figures, but are real, and they are not just the good kind either. There are fallen angels, the ones that get stripped of their wings and sent to earth, as well as, the Nephilim, which are the immortal half-angel, half-human race.

The story is about a girl named Nora Grey whose father has died recently and whose mother is struggling to make ends meet. One day, in Biology class, everything changes. The class seating is reshuffled and she ends up seated next to Patch, instead of her best friend, Vee. From their first encounter, you can already tell that there is something completely off about Patch but until the end, you are never entirely sure what that is. Obviously this love story is not simple, but it is definitely intriguing. You will fall in love with Patch – he is the ultimate bad boy and we know that most women cannot resist a bad boy – but there is more to him than that and as we slowly discover what, the story and reasons for his presence in Nora’s life, unfold.

The story is filled with a rich ground work, great characters, and an interesting look into the idea of angels – of the fallen and the guardian variety.

The next book in the series is called “Crescendo” and is due out in October this year :)

If you want any further information about Becca Fitzpatrick or her books, you can visit her website here.

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