Yeah, I know. It’s another Young Adult Fiction but I can’t help it. It has become a kind of ‘dirty little secret’ addiction for me.

Although, it isn’t really much of a secret nor is it really something I am ashamed of or anything, but still… it’s not something I tell everyone  meet. Anyhoo… this month at book club I decided to borrow this book (along with “Eragon” and “Brightst Star in the Sky” so their reviews are still to come!).

Now, in case you are thinking that this is “just another ‘vampire’ book”, let me start off by telling you that it actually isn’t. Well not in the way you think, in any case.

“Dark Visions” is about psychic powers. The story follows 5 teenagers who are asked to join a “psychic Institute” which would teach them  how to control each of  their individual powers. The main character Kaitlyn, is a lonely girl who is desperate to belong. She has the gift of premonition, but does not know how to use it, as most of the time her drawings don’t make sense to even herself.

Each of the characters has something to offer to the story but one of the most interesting ones, is Gabriel. Gabriel has a dark side and an interesting story which you learn as the book goes along. Obviously, there is a love triangle of sorts (there always has to be a love triangle of sorts…lol) and there is also a bad guy – one that you will hate with a passion. I don’t want to give to much away about where the story goes but it is definitely something a little different from the burst of vampire stuff.

The book cover is a little deceiving – it says, “Not all vampires are out for blood…” And it’s true… but what she is talking about here are psychic vampires. Ones that need life energy… it’s all telepathy and transfer points. It’s a pretty interesting take on things and in my opinion, it is much more believable than actual vampires with their fangs and bloodlust.

One thing that is very much a theme through LJ Smith’s books, that is also present in this book, is this whole fairytale soulmate stuff. If you’ve read “Vampire Diaries” or “Night World” you’ll know what I mean when I say – there are also stars and sparkles in this one. I LJ Smith is definitely one of those serious romantics.

Anyway, if you are into the young adult fiction (dirty little secret or not), this is definitely something you would enjoy! :)

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