Now as I am sure everyone around me, or anyone who reads this blog, knows I am a HUGE Twilight fan, so I do know that this review will already be a little bias. I am going to try to look at it from the eyes of a non-fan and a fan though, I m just not sure how good I will be at that.

At this point I would also like to point out that I have watched it twice – at the Midnight Screening and then yesterday afternoon. I think that it’ll help my review be a little more subjective because the truth of it is, if I had written that review yesterday after coming home from the midnight screening at 3 in the morning, It would have been all about the way the movie made me feel. LOL. No, seriously. Twilight has that effect on us fans!

Anyhoo, so first off I’d like to mention that if you haven’t seen the movie yet, now is the time to stop reading. There will be spoilers, so don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

The movie starts off with a bang. David Slade definitely knows how to give a movie an edge of darkness. When the cast first started saying that ‘Eclipse’ would be darker, I didn’t quite understand what they were saying – I thought they were just talking about there being more fight scenes, but I was mistaken. In the first screen shot we see Riley being attacked, bitten and turned. It is haunting and brilliant and I’d like to say a big ups to Xavier Samuel! He definitely brought Riley to life in a way that I had never imagined in the books. Although a lot of that credit would has to go to David Slade and Melissa Rosenberg, too. I would never have imagined that beginning for Eclipse but it really works amazingly because it sets a darker tone that you keep with you, even through all the romantic fluff.

‘Eclipse’ is action packed, intense and fast paced. As a non-fan you will enjoy the film although you may not always know what’s going on because there is no time added for explanations. The movie skips along from scene to scene and as unpleasant as that may sound to an avid fan, it actually works. All the time is spent on building the scenes that are dear to the fans and the pace just increases the build up to the fight and to the overall intensity of the film.

There was a great balance between romance and action and all the scenes that were necessary to the story line were there, as well as the scenes the fans needed. But as with all the other movies, there were a lot of things that were cut and/or changed. There were also a few things that were disappointing, although I do think that every fan will have their own ideas about this.

(Okay, if you are a non-fan, I apologize. I tried, but this is pretty much just a fan review now! Lol.)

Let me start with all the things I LOVED (and there is definitely so much more to love than to hate!).

My favourite scene in the entire movie was the sex talk between Bella and Charlie. As before, Billy Burke steals the show with his performance. For me, Billy always adds so much to the books for me. I could never love book Charlie as much as I love movie Charlie. This scene was hilarious and both Kristen and Billy were at their best. It was actually better than in the books…. much better, and that isn’t something I say lightly.

Another one of my favourite scenes was with Jasper and Alice in the practice fighting, as well as when Jasper was telling his story. This movie has managed to awaken my inner ‘Team Jasper’ and to say that I am ashamed that it has taken this long would be an understatement. Jackson Rathbone did such an amazing job portraying Jasper – his practicality, southern charm and love for Alice. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Another thing worth mentioning in my favourites is the ‘Ravine Chase’ and ‘The New Born Battle’. W.O.W. It was just so brilliantly done. It was amazing to get to see the fight instead of hearing it through Edward’s commentary. The wolves looked great (much better than in ‘New Moon’) and I loved the feeling of camaraderie between the Cullens and the pack.

Obviously there are a lot of things I loved – little things that would probably make this review incredibly long- but somethings are really important to mention. Such as how much I loved was Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria. Now, I know that a lot of people were upset, and I was too, that Rachelle Lefevre was replaced by Bryce, but for me Bryce was a better Victoria. Now before you close the screen, or start throwing cyber tomatoes at me, just hear me out. The reason I say this is because I had always imagined Victoria as ‘cat-like’ and sickly sweet and Bryce was exactly that. She has the sweetest, softest face and a vulnerability that Rachelle definitely didn’t have. In the books, Victoria was almost vulnerable. That was why she ran away and kept on the side lines. She was a planner –cunning and sly, but she wasn’t a hunter. Rachelle plays the bad ass chick beautifully, but for me it didn’t suit Victoria and I only had this thought once I saw how Bryce fit the role.

For me, this movie gave all the actors a better platform to work with and they were all just that much better than they were in the previous films. Oh wait, there is another thing that I need to mention as something I thought was just awesome – The ‘Leg Hitch/ Proposal’ scene! OMG! It was just perfectly done and I was definitely turned into a blubbering mess! J

But before you all run away, I am going to move along! J

There were a few things that I missed or that I didn’t like. The big one for me was the final fight scene with Victoria, Riley, Seth and Edward. I kind of understand why they decided to have Bella actually cut her self, but I hated the idea that Victoria and Riley had the upper hand on Edward. In the books, Edward and Seth worked together and created a kind of bond but in the movie there was none of that. Riley and Victoria were on Edward and if Bella hadn’t cut herself, Edward would have been a goner. I definitely missed Edward’s strength from the book here. He seemed weak, almost human and it just didn’t work for me and left me feeling very disappointed the first time I watched it. By the second time, I had accepted it and enjoyed it bit more – but I still feel that they could have at least included the fist bump between Edward and Seth.

Another thing that kind of bugged me was how Bella didn’t seem upset enough over breaking Jacob’s heart. Maybe this is just something that a Team Jacob, like my self, would see. But it made her seem a little too cold hearted there. It would have been great to see the scene where Bella cries herself to sleep and Edward is almost distraught. I love where he says that he thinks she made the wrong choice and that he has never seen her so upset and her only reply is “I know who I cannot live without”. I definitely missed that.

Another thing I missed was the ‘Space Heater’ comment in the tent scene. I was really sad that they left that out. The tent scene as a whole was kind of disappointing actually. I mean, it wasn’t bad it just wasn’t the favourite like it was in the book. They still got the tension and the beginning of an understanding between the two of them, but it was just lacking something that I can’t exactly put my finger on.

Over all though, I will say that ‘Eclipse’ was definitely the best in the series so far! David Slade brought a lot to this franchise and he was definitely the perfect choice for this! So thank you David, Melissa, Summit and the entire cast of ‘Eclipse’, you all made it worth the wait!!! J

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