So I finally found the soft cover version of “Burned” by PC and Kristin Cast. I have been dying to read it but seeing as my entire collection are soft covers I couldn’t get myself to buy the hardcover version. If you’ve read the ‘House of Night Series’ you’ll understand why I was dying to read it.

Anyhoo… so while we were at Irene Mall of Sunday to watch ‘Eclipse’, I decided to see what their Exclusive Books is like (okay, maybe I didn’t actually decide, per say, it was more like I as drawn in by outside forces…) and I was so happy I did because lying on the ‘Latest Books’ table was one single copy of “Burned” in soft cover J

So I took it home and finished it yesterday evening. It has been a long wait and I definitely think it was worth it. In this newest book in the series, Zoey has to find the strength to put her shattered soul back together before time runs out, otherwise the entire world is in danger. Zoey needs help though, and the only one who can help her is Stark, her Warrior. The only problem is that Stark is still in the real world and the road to the Otherworld is not an easy one!

But this book is not just about Zoey, Stark, or Heath. It’s about Stevie Rae (the first Red Fledgling High Priestess) and her strange imprint with Rephaim, the Raven Mocker, as well as her own battle with Darkness. The Red Fledglings are still wreaking havoc and it’s her responsibility as ‘The Red One’ to help them.

PC and Kristin also take this story to new heights with all the underlying messages about good and evil and how things are not always so clear cut. We are often told that love is what gives us purpose, you know, “Love makes the world go round”, but there are some little messages in this book that elude to the fact that love is not always ‘good’ as we are so often made to believe. Love also does not bring peace and happiness… those are things we find within ourselves, things that are not reliant on anyone else. But anyway… I’m sure everyone get’s their own messages out of the books they read!

This book is filled with all the gooey, fluffy stuff we love as well as enough drama to keep us at the edge of our seats so if you haven’t read it yet – go out and get it! It will definitely be worth it. And if you don’t know what ‘The House of Night Series’ is, go get “Marked”, the first in the series, and find out J

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