Marian Keyes has done it again with this absolutely charming book about life, love, heart break and happy endings! If you have read any other Marian Keyes book you will understand when I say that she has a way with words that leave you feeling every emotion under the sun. This book is no different,except of course, for the story line – which is very different indeed.

While reading “The Brightest Star in the Sky” you will find yourself laughing out loud, many times. You will find yourself feeling like throwing the book – or some other object nearby – against a wall out of anger or frustration with the characters. You will find yourself crying, and wiping your eyes in an attempt to continue reading, and most of all you’ll find yourself feeling so good, deep down, that you won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face.

“The Brightest Star in the Sky” follows the story of the people living at number 66 Star Street. In one flat you’ll find Jemima and her dog Grudge, awaiting the arrival of her golden boy Fionn. In another you’ll find Katie, the witty, sweet and feisty girl who is turning forty and afraid of what that may mean. IN another you’ll find Matt and Maeve, a couple who seem perfect even though there are secrets and things that are unsaid lurking in every corner. And last but not least, there is Lydia, the crazy and feisty taxi driver, and her two flatmates, Jan and Andrei.

As with ‘real life’, nothing is ever the way it seems and with the arrival of a special “guest” at 66 Star Street, everything begins to unravel. In 61 days, anything can happen!

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