A few posts ago, I mentioned that I took my friend out book shopping so that she could fulfill her role in book club :smile: Well I will definitely say that she made a good choice. That day she bought the first of the “Blue Bloods” Series by Melissa de la Cruz. It took me a while to start reading them (I was waiting for her to be finished with all four before I began because I have, like, zero patience), but on Saturday afternoon I finally decided to start.
I didn’t stop reading until Monday night. I know that is pretty normal for me, because I can get caught up into almost any fictional book, but these were special – different. One of my favourite things about the series is that each book is so well thought out and researched.

So much research goes into building a new world, we see it in all fiction books, but when you are building a world that fits into history and myth, and is so well thought out that it could almost be real… that’s where, for me, it just takes that extra step and becomes memorable within all the other enjoyable, fictional stories.

It’s hard to give a summary because it won’t come out in a way that will sound nearly as appealing and exciting as it is, so I decided that instead of a summary I would just post the awesome anime trailer that is on Melissa’s official website. Just a warning though, the video does have some spoilers but I don’t think it’s too bad, especially if you don’t know what you are looking at, but if you don’t like being spoiled then rather just buy the book and you can watch it after you’ve read all 4 books. Oh and another warning, the 5th one is only expected some time in October :mrgreen:

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