Okay, so first I need to make a confession. As a rather crazy ‘Twilight’ fan, I kind of only watched this movie because I wanted to see what Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning would do with it. *releases breathe* Okay now that I have that out of the way, I will say that I was blown away with not only their performances, but just the entire movie.

I don’t know much about that era, as I wasn’t even born, but of what I do know, or what I’ve heard, this movie portrayed it perfectly – especially the Rock ‘n Roll side of it. ‘The Runaways’ were an all-girl teenage rock band that were successful in the late 70’s and who were said to have changed everything for female rock music.

The band consisted of five members – Lita Ford (Lead Guitar – played by Scout Taylor-Compton), Sandy West (Drums, Percussions & Vocals – played by Stella Maeve), Jackie Fox (Bass Guitar – although this changed through their 4 year success she was probably the most popular – in the movies though she is played by Alia Shawkat and is called Robin), Joan Jett (Rhythm Guitar & Vocals – played by Kristen Stewart), and Cherie Currie (Vocals & Keyboard – played by Dakota Fanning). The songs they are probably best known for are ”Cherry Bomb” and “School Days”.

In the movie version, we see how the band was formed, how their success grew, and then how they fell apart. Dakota and Kristen both give absolutely brilliant performances. In some scenes, where they are alone in a room or just with a friend, you will really feel as though they are alone, as though we, as spectators, are invading their privacy. The movie is crude, harsh and full of what the Rock ‘n Roll lifestyle was all about – sex and drugs. The most shocking performance will have to be Dakota’s though. She is, after all, the little girl we have all known and seen in things like ‘Charlotte’s Web’ or ‘Cat in the Hat’, but she is no longer little and it is shocking, as well as incredible, to see her portraying something so completely out of the box. The girls in this movie are not the kind of girls you would ever want any where near your daughter… they are pretty much guys with boobs and no penis. Seriously, it is intense, but what makes it so amazing is that it is real. You can imagine that it was exactly like that.

No matter how much of a ‘Twilight’ fan I may be, I came out of this movie completely astonished and 100% certain that no matter what anyone may say, Kristen Stewart is an extremely talented actress and Dakota Fanning will never be boxed into one role – she is as versatile as it gets.

If you want to more info you can visit the official ‘The Runaways’ site here.

And here is the official trailer if you haven’t seen it yet.

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