“Oh, how I love thee… let me count the ways…”

I know it seems somewhat melodramatic, but it is the truth. My passion for books is really just that, a passion. It is something that has come to be a really big part of my life – it brings me happiness and above all, contentedness. Obviously, books are not the only thing.  I am also passionate about film, art, and the internet. A lot of people would probably give me ‘the eye’ with that statement but that is because most people do not understand everything the internet has to offer or what is possible and what is out there – especially in South Africa.

Our online community is only now beginning to grow and to understand the potential of what Online Marketing and having a user friendly and convenient Website can offer a business. There are so many resources available out there on the world wide web and most of it is open source – which means that in this generation, in the world we live in now,  we can learn anything, do anything and be anything we want to be. There has never been an age of more possibility than right now.

The internet is not a very likely thing to be passionate about and maybe it is difficult to understand, but yes, I am passionate about the internet.

Now you can imagine my elation when I logged on to Twitter last week Friday and discovered that Exclusive Books has a job opportunity that incorporates both of the things that I love, both of the things that get my blood pumping. (I sound like a complete nerd right now… but hey; there is no better time to be completely honest.)

My blog, this blog, has sort of become my way of doing what I love. I read books and watch movies, I research them and then I write a review – not a formal sort of review but the blog kind. It sort of grew into that, as it was not my intention, but I love books and movies and that is what my blog relates to anyone who reads it.

What I am trying to accomplish with this letter is to tell you how much this job was made for me and how suited I would be for the position. I don’t think there is anything that can match passion and interest. Those two things are what build empires and what sparks ideas and success. Although those are not the only things I have to offer.

I have also got experience with product loading and working behind the scenes of a website. I have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, and I know how to find information that would allow me to solve almost any problem out there.

With all of that, I also have sales and administrative experience. I am currently employed as a Sales and Marketing Assistant.

I hope that this letter has done its purpose in explaining why I would be an excellent addition to Exclusive Books, and even more so, to the Website side of things. I have explored exclus1ves.co.za (on numerous occasions) and I definitely think that there is a lot that I can offer and I hope that through this and through my formal application, I have shown you that.

With Ample Hope and Warm Regards,


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