Yes, I know. I am pretty late on the uptake with this one but what can I say? I never was much of a fantasy reader before “Twilight” came along and changed my views on Vampires and the fantasy world as a whole.

What can I say about this series? Well let me start with this: If you can ever picture a world where every fantasy, legend or myth turned out to be true – you would be smack bam! in the middle of the world in which Charlaine Harris has created.

The story follows a small town girl named Sookie Stackhouse, who is not exactly your average human. She is a telepath and as you can imagine, life has been tough for Sookie. It is hard to live a ‘normal’ human life when you can read everyone around you’s thoughts – knowing all their secrets and their opinions. Obviously, this has had the biggest effect on her social life – particularly her love life.

This all changes, when Bill Compton, the new resident Vampire of Bon Temps, Louisiana, walks into Merlotte’s (the bar she works at) one evening. Vampire Bill’s thoughts are a complete blank to her, which leaves her feeling relieved, interested and happy at the prospect of not having to work so hard to stay out of people’s heads. But every pro has its own set of cons!

Being a part of Bill’s life comes with a whole trail of things that will turn everything she thinks she knows, inside out!

This series will send you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, but the biggest thing that makes it so different from any other fantasy series I have read, is that no matter what the situation, no matter how dire Sookie’s circumstances turn out to be, you will be laughing through it. Sookie’s thoughts are so dry and straight to the point that you cannot help but laugh out loud in situations that are not exactly all that funny.

Charlaine Harris’ writing is sublime and the series will leave you wondering whether there is any reality to her stories.

So, if you are like me, and you haven’t already been sucked into “True Blood’s” world of the Supernatural, go out right now and get yourself a copy of the first in the series – “Dead Until Dark”. You definitely won’t be sorry. Oh and if, like me, you still can’t get enough after the 10th book – there is still the hit TV series “True Blood” to watch!

If you want to find more information on the books, you can visit Charlaine Harris’ Official Website here.

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