Warm BodiesWarm Bodies is something so different and completely unexpected and I am so glad I read the book before watching the movie!

The story is filled with crazy amounts of touching, sad and hilarious moments. You wouldn’t think a zombie story could be all that funny but right from the first page I found myself laughing out loud at the visuals Isaac Marion’s words were evoking! R is a fantastic character to share a mind with. I absolutely loved everything about his thoughts, feelings, developments and especially his sense of humour and blatant honesty!

Besides for a great main character, every other character you come across throughout the book are perfectly rounded and interesting, whether you love them or hate them.
To top it all off, not only did the story provide me with hours of great imaginative entertainment but it was also really thought provoking by touching on some real issues regarding the human condition.

As crazy as a zombie story might be, it felt incredibly real and possible.  I was left feeling sad it was over but satisfied with the entire story!

What an awesome read!

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