Unearthly Hallowed Boundless










I am always a bit skeptical with Angel books and tend to find that so many of them are wildly ‘out of this world’ and completely impossible, but Cynthia Hand has created a world which makes it all fully believable; If Angels exist, this genuinely seems the most likely world they’d live in.

Besides having such a well structured environment, Cynthia has also created a cast of brilliantly developed characters. It’s enough to make you want to read each of their stories to get the full picture. That is probably the only negative of being in Clara’s head as the story unfolds – you want to know what everyone is thinking and feeling. Clara is a wonderful character and going through the story with her is just the only way I could imagine it. Her emotions are perfectly captured throughout the journey as she tries to navigate the new destiny she has been given.

The story begins with ‘Unearthly’ where you meet Clara and the hand full of characters that you will follow through the series. The initial story is action-packed and will make you swoon as her tangled version of a ‘love triangle’ unfolds. Don’t be fooled though, this isn’t the usual kind of triangle – it’s a lot more complicated. There’s no bad boy vs. sweet friend, it’s much more real and much more heart breaking. (Once you meet Tucker and Christian you will understand!)

Through each book you follow her as she tries to uncover the meaning of her destiny while stumbling toward it guided by dreams and flashes. Each book is neatly wrapped up, though the main story follow through each, ending in an action packed climax. It is always difficult to say goodbye to characters, especially when you have been on a long journey with them, as you do in a series, but it is worth it.

I would definitely recommend this one to everyone who loves a good ‘young adult’ novel!

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