Piet Byleveld BookI don’t really know how to begin with this review as it is not my usual reading material (seems I am growing up!).

This book is a biography of sorts but I don’t want to label it as such because that somehow makes it sound too clinical. I don’t often read biographies and will, more often than not, choose fiction over the facts. This began to change after reading Lawrence Anthony’s  ‘The Elephant Whisperer’ and since then I thoroughly enjoy stories based on real life events. But they are still always stories, which is exactly what “Piet Byleveld: Dossier of a Serial Sleuth” is filled with.  Lots of stories that make your skin crawl and at the same time make you want to join the police force (this is definitely saying something with the state ours is in)!

I would recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a good crime story (think CSI/The Mentalist/Sherlock Holmes) and especially to the people living in South Africa (particularly Gauteng) as it is always great when you can picture the places they talk about perfectly because you have actually been there. This isn’t something we don’t get to experience often.

The book takes you through Piet’s life in Brixton’s Murder and Robbery unit, his move when the SAP became the SAPS, and focuses on his years specialising in serial killings. You will read the details of cases such as the Leigh Matthews case or about Cedric Maake, one of SA’s biggest serial killers.

Each case is told as a story, with little anecdotes about Piet and his life along the way.

This is definitely one of the best books I have read!

Rating: 10/10

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