ExtinguishI was filled with excitement when I heard that JM Darhower was releasing another book. ‘Sempre’ was one of my all-time favourite stories and who doesn’t love it when an author you love and respect, releases something new to sink your teeth into?

However, when I found out that this new release was a paranormal romance, an angelic one at that, I became a little nervous. I am not a big fan of Angel books. I often feel that books about angels tend to be incredibly cheesy and overly dramatic and one of my absolute favourite things about ‘Sempre’ was how real it all was. Naturally, my trepidation was a little high when I first opened my copy of ‘Extinguish’.

After the first few pages my trepidation increased and I felt a little disappointed as the story plunges into a world that seems to be exactly what I was afraid of… dripping with cheese – Michael and Serah prancing around in a field of wild flowers. It was too angelic, too strange, too difficult to find a connection in Serah (our angelic main character).

After that first chapter however, everything changed. The entire stereotype I had begun to imagine for the rest of the book blew up the minute Luce stepped into the picture and from what I now know, having read the entire book in record time, it was all very necessary for me to feel that way. In fact, it somehow added to the entire experience because I was more a part of Serah’s journey than I could have been had it started out any other way.

‘Extinguish’ is filled with all the right things that build up a story and fill it with life. Nothing is predictable. Nothing is a stereotype. The story is beautiful and JM Darhower has officially created the ultimate fantasy ‘bad-boy-who-is-not-really-bad-but-actually-is’. Confusing? You’ll only understand what I am on about when you read the book… and you should most definitely read it if you enjoy fantasy novels or paranormal love stories.

And a big plus?

This one is definitely for the adults!

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