About Me

Summing yourself up into a few digestible paragraphs is quite an interesting challenge, besides for the fear of being egotistical (and even worse, boring!), it is similar to attempting to tweet an amazing experience you’ve just had; a lot of backspace and rephrasing!

Instead of paragraphs I am just going to list a few random points.

I’m an introvert. This surprises people often because I am opinionated and competitive but just not so much with strangers.

I love strawberry milkshakes. Seriously, I always choose strawberry, but I know that milkshakes are pretty bad for you so I do try to limit it to one every once in a while.

I love animals – all of them. I find nature and all its little creatures incredibly fascinating!

I love to read, write and draw. I wish I loved painting more than I actually do. I try hard to get myself to by buying pretty utensils, but I still end up with paper and charcoal instead.

I love games. Whether it’s playing some silly little arcade on my cellphone, Diablo 3 on the Play Station or Sims 4 on my PC… I love how it immersive it can be. It really doesn’t help that my boyfriend lives and breaths games (he also works with them all day long!).

I get really excited when discussing the human psyche. Whether it is based around marketing strategies or when discussing human nature, religion, politics or related science topics.

I am indecisive. I wish it wasn’t so (and so does everyone else close to me!) but I just hate making decisions unless I am 100% sure on it. Most of the time I require pressure to do it. This doesn’t really apply in business though, except with the fact that I have a Bsc in Chemistry & Biochemistry, I have a history in marketing and am currently in the tech industry developing and consulting on Salesforce.com CRM.

One thing I try to remember and live by, is that life is incredibly, horribly and beautifully unpredictable and the most important thing is to do everything you can to enjoy it!