I don’t usually break up a series into separate reviews but seeing as it took me a little while to get ‘Eldest’, from the ‘Inheritance Cycle’ by Christopher Paolini, and because they are just that fantastic, I have decided to do separate ones while still trying not to give too much of the story a way.

Like I mentioned in my ‘Eragon’ review, the movie does not do the books justice so if you think that since you watched the movie you can start from ‘Eldest’, you are sorely mistaken. You really need to actually read ‘Eragon’ to understand everything that happens in ‘Eldest’ (and I imagine ‘Brisingr’ will be the same).

‘Eldest’ is the story of Eragon’s journey to becoming the Rider he needs to be, in order to overcome all the struggles that await him and Saphira. In ‘Eldset’, Eragon and Saphira travel to Ellesméra to complete their training with the Elves. While there, Eragon learns what it means to be a Rider and undergoes the necessary transformation in becoming the force that will save Alagaesia from King Galbatorix’s rule.

In addition to Eragon, ‘Eldest’ also follows Roran (Eragon’s cousin). Eragon had left Carvahall to prevent Galbatorix from hurting his people, but Galbatorix needs Roran for information and as bait to draw Eragon to him. Carvahall and all it’s people are in danger, will Roran surrender to save the town or will the town fight the king’s rule?

This book is filled with all kinds of twists, turns and adventures. The details and descriptions of the surroundings and the different characters leave you wishing that Alagaesia existed, even though times in Alagaesia are so tough.

The book is filled with life lessons which get you pondering ‘real’ life and where these things can be applied. I think that the ‘Inheritance Cycle’ is something that everyone who loves a good adventure, should read and own.

Now today I am definitely going to buy myself ‘Brisingr’ because there is no way that I’ll be able to wait until the next ‘Book Club’!

“Oh, how I love thee… let me count the ways…”

I know it seems somewhat melodramatic, but it is the truth. My passion for books is really just that, a passion. It is something that has come to be a really big part of my life – it brings me happiness and above all, contentedness. Obviously, books are not the only thing.  I am also passionate about film, art, and the internet. A lot of people would probably give me ‘the eye’ with that statement but that is because most people do not understand everything the internet has to offer or what is possible and what is out there – especially in South Africa.

Our online community is only now beginning to grow and to understand the potential of what Online Marketing and having a user friendly and convenient Website can offer a business. There are so many resources available out there on the world wide web and most of it is open source – which means that in this generation, in the world we live in now,  we can learn anything, do anything and be anything we want to be. There has never been an age of more possibility than right now.

The internet is not a very likely thing to be passionate about and maybe it is difficult to understand, but yes, I am passionate about the internet.

Now you can imagine my elation when I logged on to Twitter last week Friday and discovered that Exclusive Books has a job opportunity that incorporates both of the things that I love, both of the things that get my blood pumping. (I sound like a complete nerd right now… but hey; there is no better time to be completely honest.)

My blog, this blog, has sort of become my way of doing what I love. I read books and watch movies, I research them and then I write a review – not a formal sort of review but the blog kind. It sort of grew into that, as it was not my intention, but I love books and movies and that is what my blog relates to anyone who reads it.

What I am trying to accomplish with this letter is to tell you how much this job was made for me and how suited I would be for the position. I don’t think there is anything that can match passion and interest. Those two things are what build empires and what sparks ideas and success. Although those are not the only things I have to offer.

I have also got experience with product loading and working behind the scenes of a website. I have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, and I know how to find information that would allow me to solve almost any problem out there.

With all of that, I also have sales and administrative experience. I am currently employed as a Sales and Marketing Assistant.

I hope that this letter has done its purpose in explaining why I would be an excellent addition to Exclusive Books, and even more so, to the Website side of things. I have explored exclus1ves.co.za (on numerous occasions) and I definitely think that there is a lot that I can offer and I hope that through this and through my formal application, I have shown you that.

With Ample Hope and Warm Regards,


I know that it has taken me a while to read this, but can you blame me after the movie? It wasn’t exactly the most amazing film ever made. Actually, it was pretty boring. The only reason I did decide to read it was because, firstly, I love dragons and, secondly, my book club happened to have them :smile:

“Eragon” was the last book out of the three I chose from book club this month and I’m glad I did save it for last because it would have been an excruciating wait until the next meeting, had I read it first!

The book is 100 x better than the movie (as they tend to be) and is filled with magic and adventure. Eragon is a 15 year- old farm boy from a town called Carvahall and when he stumbles upon a sapphire, blue stone while out hunting in the Spine, his life is changed forever. Eragon becomes the first of a New Generation of Dragon Riders.

There are a lot of twists and turns in the story as Eragon is forced to go on a journey in search of revenge and purpose. During his travels he meets an interesting array of characters, good and bad, while he begins to learn about his heritage and what it means to be a Rider.

The story is one of those that captivate you from beginning to end! I mean, who is not enthralled by magical creatures and races, such as Dragons, Dwarves, Elves and even a Werecat?

As you should know by now, for me, a book does not end when I turn the last page – I have to go and find out more – So that led me to Christopher Paolini’s website.

It is there that I found something that completely shocked me. Did you know that Christopher Paolini wrote Eragon when he was 15 years old? If you’ve read the book, or once you’ve read it, you will understand why that is such a shock. It is a book you would have expected to be written by a gentle old man, the kind that likes to tell stories – someone like Brom, in fact – definitely not a 15 year-old child! I mean, to be completely honest, I used a dictionary for some of the words in that book!! Words like ‘conflagration’ (a destructive fire), ‘nigh’ (lit. near) and ‘whinnying’ (a soft neighing sounds made by the horses) to name a few. I know that a lot of that is added in the editing process but I mean, come on! This kid created an entirely new world! It’s just amazing!

So if you love myths and magic, or you’re hungry for something adventurous, this book is definitely for you! Oh and I almost forgot to mention the best part – there are another two books, Eldest and Brisingr, as well as a fourth on the way!!

Okay, so first I need to make a confession. As a rather crazy ‘Twilight’ fan, I kind of only watched this movie because I wanted to see what Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning would do with it. *releases breathe* Okay now that I have that out of the way, I will say that I was blown away with not only their performances, but just the entire movie.

I don’t know much about that era, as I wasn’t even born, but of what I do know, or what I’ve heard, this movie portrayed it perfectly – especially the Rock ‘n Roll side of it. ‘The Runaways’ were an all-girl teenage rock band that were successful in the late 70’s and who were said to have changed everything for female rock music.

The band consisted of five members – Lita Ford (Lead Guitar – played by Scout Taylor-Compton), Sandy West (Drums, Percussions & Vocals – played by Stella Maeve), Jackie Fox (Bass Guitar – although this changed through their 4 year success she was probably the most popular – in the movies though she is played by Alia Shawkat and is called Robin), Joan Jett (Rhythm Guitar & Vocals – played by Kristen Stewart), and Cherie Currie (Vocals & Keyboard – played by Dakota Fanning). The songs they are probably best known for are ”Cherry Bomb” and “School Days”.

In the movie version, we see how the band was formed, how their success grew, and then how they fell apart. Dakota and Kristen both give absolutely brilliant performances. In some scenes, where they are alone in a room or just with a friend, you will really feel as though they are alone, as though we, as spectators, are invading their privacy. The movie is crude, harsh and full of what the Rock ‘n Roll lifestyle was all about – sex and drugs. The most shocking performance will have to be Dakota’s though. She is, after all, the little girl we have all known and seen in things like ‘Charlotte’s Web’ or ‘Cat in the Hat’, but she is no longer little and it is shocking, as well as incredible, to see her portraying something so completely out of the box. The girls in this movie are not the kind of girls you would ever want any where near your daughter… they are pretty much guys with boobs and no penis. Seriously, it is intense, but what makes it so amazing is that it is real. You can imagine that it was exactly like that.

No matter how much of a ‘Twilight’ fan I may be, I came out of this movie completely astonished and 100% certain that no matter what anyone may say, Kristen Stewart is an extremely talented actress and Dakota Fanning will never be boxed into one role – she is as versatile as it gets.

If you want to more info you can visit the official ‘The Runaways’ site here.

And here is the official trailer if you haven’t seen it yet.

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I took my friend out book shopping so that she could fulfill her role in book club :smile: Well I will definitely say that she made a good choice. That day she bought the first of the “Blue Bloods” Series by Melissa de la Cruz. It took me a while to start reading them (I was waiting for her to be finished with all four before I began because I have, like, zero patience), but on Saturday afternoon I finally decided to start.
I didn’t stop reading until Monday night. I know that is pretty normal for me, because I can get caught up into almost any fictional book, but these were special – different. One of my favourite things about the series is that each book is so well thought out and researched.

So much research goes into building a new world, we see it in all fiction books, but when you are building a world that fits into history and myth, and is so well thought out that it could almost be real… that’s where, for me, it just takes that extra step and becomes memorable within all the other enjoyable, fictional stories.

It’s hard to give a summary because it won’t come out in a way that will sound nearly as appealing and exciting as it is, so I decided that instead of a summary I would just post the awesome anime trailer that is on Melissa’s official website. Just a warning though, the video does have some spoilers but I don’t think it’s too bad, especially if you don’t know what you are looking at, but if you don’t like being spoiled then rather just buy the book and you can watch it after you’ve read all 4 books. Oh and another warning, the 5th one is only expected some time in October :mrgreen:

Marian Keyes has done it again with this absolutely charming book about life, love, heart break and happy endings! If you have read any other Marian Keyes book you will understand when I say that she has a way with words that leave you feeling every emotion under the sun. This book is no different,except of course, for the story line – which is very different indeed.

While reading “The Brightest Star in the Sky” you will find yourself laughing out loud, many times. You will find yourself feeling like throwing the book – or some other object nearby – against a wall out of anger or frustration with the characters. You will find yourself crying, and wiping your eyes in an attempt to continue reading, and most of all you’ll find yourself feeling so good, deep down, that you won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face.

“The Brightest Star in the Sky” follows the story of the people living at number 66 Star Street. In one flat you’ll find Jemima and her dog Grudge, awaiting the arrival of her golden boy Fionn. In another you’ll find Katie, the witty, sweet and feisty girl who is turning forty and afraid of what that may mean. IN another you’ll find Matt and Maeve, a couple who seem perfect even though there are secrets and things that are unsaid lurking in every corner. And last but not least, there is Lydia, the crazy and feisty taxi driver, and her two flatmates, Jan and Andrei.

As with ‘real life’, nothing is ever the way it seems and with the arrival of a special “guest” at 66 Star Street, everything begins to unravel. In 61 days, anything can happen!

If you’d like to know more about Marian Keyes, you can visit her website here.

And if you’d like to purchase any of her books you can click on the Kalahari.net link at the top right of the page :mrgreen:

So I finally found the soft cover version of “Burned” by PC and Kristin Cast. I have been dying to read it but seeing as my entire collection are soft covers I couldn’t get myself to buy the hardcover version. If you’ve read the ‘House of Night Series’ you’ll understand why I was dying to read it.

Anyhoo… so while we were at Irene Mall of Sunday to watch ‘Eclipse’, I decided to see what their Exclusive Books is like (okay, maybe I didn’t actually decide, per say, it was more like I as drawn in by outside forces…) and I was so happy I did because lying on the ‘Latest Books’ table was one single copy of “Burned” in soft cover J

So I took it home and finished it yesterday evening. It has been a long wait and I definitely think it was worth it. In this newest book in the series, Zoey has to find the strength to put her shattered soul back together before time runs out, otherwise the entire world is in danger. Zoey needs help though, and the only one who can help her is Stark, her Warrior. The only problem is that Stark is still in the real world and the road to the Otherworld is not an easy one!

But this book is not just about Zoey, Stark, or Heath. It’s about Stevie Rae (the first Red Fledgling High Priestess) and her strange imprint with Rephaim, the Raven Mocker, as well as her own battle with Darkness. The Red Fledglings are still wreaking havoc and it’s her responsibility as ‘The Red One’ to help them.

PC and Kristin also take this story to new heights with all the underlying messages about good and evil and how things are not always so clear cut. We are often told that love is what gives us purpose, you know, “Love makes the world go round”, but there are some little messages in this book that elude to the fact that love is not always ‘good’ as we are so often made to believe. Love also does not bring peace and happiness… those are things we find within ourselves, things that are not reliant on anyone else. But anyway… I’m sure everyone get’s their own messages out of the books they read!

This book is filled with all the gooey, fluffy stuff we love as well as enough drama to keep us at the edge of our seats so if you haven’t read it yet – go out and get it! It will definitely be worth it. And if you don’t know what ‘The House of Night Series’ is, go get “Marked”, the first in the series, and find out J

Now as I am sure everyone around me, or anyone who reads this blog, knows I am a HUGE Twilight fan, so I do know that this review will already be a little bias. I am going to try to look at it from the eyes of a non-fan and a fan though, I m just not sure how good I will be at that.

At this point I would also like to point out that I have watched it twice – at the Midnight Screening and then yesterday afternoon. I think that it’ll help my review be a little more subjective because the truth of it is, if I had written that review yesterday after coming home from the midnight screening at 3 in the morning, It would have been all about the way the movie made me feel. LOL. No, seriously. Twilight has that effect on us fans!

Anyhoo, so first off I’d like to mention that if you haven’t seen the movie yet, now is the time to stop reading. There will be spoilers, so don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

The movie starts off with a bang. David Slade definitely knows how to give a movie an edge of darkness. When the cast first started saying that ‘Eclipse’ would be darker, I didn’t quite understand what they were saying – I thought they were just talking about there being more fight scenes, but I was mistaken. In the first screen shot we see Riley being attacked, bitten and turned. It is haunting and brilliant and I’d like to say a big ups to Xavier Samuel! He definitely brought Riley to life in a way that I had never imagined in the books. Although a lot of that credit would has to go to David Slade and Melissa Rosenberg, too. I would never have imagined that beginning for Eclipse but it really works amazingly because it sets a darker tone that you keep with you, even through all the romantic fluff.

‘Eclipse’ is action packed, intense and fast paced. As a non-fan you will enjoy the film although you may not always know what’s going on because there is no time added for explanations. The movie skips along from scene to scene and as unpleasant as that may sound to an avid fan, it actually works. All the time is spent on building the scenes that are dear to the fans and the pace just increases the build up to the fight and to the overall intensity of the film.

There was a great balance between romance and action and all the scenes that were necessary to the story line were there, as well as the scenes the fans needed. But as with all the other movies, there were a lot of things that were cut and/or changed. There were also a few things that were disappointing, although I do think that every fan will have their own ideas about this.

(Okay, if you are a non-fan, I apologize. I tried, but this is pretty much just a fan review now! Lol.)

Let me start with all the things I LOVED (and there is definitely so much more to love than to hate!).

My favourite scene in the entire movie was the sex talk between Bella and Charlie. As before, Billy Burke steals the show with his performance. For me, Billy always adds so much to the books for me. I could never love book Charlie as much as I love movie Charlie. This scene was hilarious and both Kristen and Billy were at their best. It was actually better than in the books…. much better, and that isn’t something I say lightly.

Another one of my favourite scenes was with Jasper and Alice in the practice fighting, as well as when Jasper was telling his story. This movie has managed to awaken my inner ‘Team Jasper’ and to say that I am ashamed that it has taken this long would be an understatement. Jackson Rathbone did such an amazing job portraying Jasper – his practicality, southern charm and love for Alice. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Another thing worth mentioning in my favourites is the ‘Ravine Chase’ and ‘The New Born Battle’. W.O.W. It was just so brilliantly done. It was amazing to get to see the fight instead of hearing it through Edward’s commentary. The wolves looked great (much better than in ‘New Moon’) and I loved the feeling of camaraderie between the Cullens and the pack.

Obviously there are a lot of things I loved – little things that would probably make this review incredibly long- but somethings are really important to mention. Such as how much I loved was Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria. Now, I know that a lot of people were upset, and I was too, that Rachelle Lefevre was replaced by Bryce, but for me Bryce was a better Victoria. Now before you close the screen, or start throwing cyber tomatoes at me, just hear me out. The reason I say this is because I had always imagined Victoria as ‘cat-like’ and sickly sweet and Bryce was exactly that. She has the sweetest, softest face and a vulnerability that Rachelle definitely didn’t have. In the books, Victoria was almost vulnerable. That was why she ran away and kept on the side lines. She was a planner –cunning and sly, but she wasn’t a hunter. Rachelle plays the bad ass chick beautifully, but for me it didn’t suit Victoria and I only had this thought once I saw how Bryce fit the role.

For me, this movie gave all the actors a better platform to work with and they were all just that much better than they were in the previous films. Oh wait, there is another thing that I need to mention as something I thought was just awesome – The ‘Leg Hitch/ Proposal’ scene! OMG! It was just perfectly done and I was definitely turned into a blubbering mess! J

But before you all run away, I am going to move along! J

There were a few things that I missed or that I didn’t like. The big one for me was the final fight scene with Victoria, Riley, Seth and Edward. I kind of understand why they decided to have Bella actually cut her self, but I hated the idea that Victoria and Riley had the upper hand on Edward. In the books, Edward and Seth worked together and created a kind of bond but in the movie there was none of that. Riley and Victoria were on Edward and if Bella hadn’t cut herself, Edward would have been a goner. I definitely missed Edward’s strength from the book here. He seemed weak, almost human and it just didn’t work for me and left me feeling very disappointed the first time I watched it. By the second time, I had accepted it and enjoyed it bit more – but I still feel that they could have at least included the fist bump between Edward and Seth.

Another thing that kind of bugged me was how Bella didn’t seem upset enough over breaking Jacob’s heart. Maybe this is just something that a Team Jacob, like my self, would see. But it made her seem a little too cold hearted there. It would have been great to see the scene where Bella cries herself to sleep and Edward is almost distraught. I love where he says that he thinks she made the wrong choice and that he has never seen her so upset and her only reply is “I know who I cannot live without”. I definitely missed that.

Another thing I missed was the ‘Space Heater’ comment in the tent scene. I was really sad that they left that out. The tent scene as a whole was kind of disappointing actually. I mean, it wasn’t bad it just wasn’t the favourite like it was in the book. They still got the tension and the beginning of an understanding between the two of them, but it was just lacking something that I can’t exactly put my finger on.

Over all though, I will say that ‘Eclipse’ was definitely the best in the series so far! David Slade brought a lot to this franchise and he was definitely the perfect choice for this! So thank you David, Melissa, Summit and the entire cast of ‘Eclipse’, you all made it worth the wait!!! J

Yeah, I know. It’s another Young Adult Fiction but I can’t help it. It has become a kind of ‘dirty little secret’ addiction for me.

Although, it isn’t really much of a secret nor is it really something I am ashamed of or anything, but still… it’s not something I tell everyone  meet. Anyhoo… this month at book club I decided to borrow this book (along with “Eragon” and “Brightst Star in the Sky” so their reviews are still to come!).

Now, in case you are thinking that this is “just another ‘vampire’ book”, let me start off by telling you that it actually isn’t. Well not in the way you think, in any case.

“Dark Visions” is about psychic powers. The story follows 5 teenagers who are asked to join a “psychic Institute” which would teach them  how to control each of  their individual powers. The main character Kaitlyn, is a lonely girl who is desperate to belong. She has the gift of premonition, but does not know how to use it, as most of the time her drawings don’t make sense to even herself.

Each of the characters has something to offer to the story but one of the most interesting ones, is Gabriel. Gabriel has a dark side and an interesting story which you learn as the book goes along. Obviously, there is a love triangle of sorts (there always has to be a love triangle of sorts…lol) and there is also a bad guy – one that you will hate with a passion. I don’t want to give to much away about where the story goes but it is definitely something a little different from the burst of vampire stuff.

The book cover is a little deceiving – it says, “Not all vampires are out for blood…” And it’s true… but what she is talking about here are psychic vampires. Ones that need life energy… it’s all telepathy and transfer points. It’s a pretty interesting take on things and in my opinion, it is much more believable than actual vampires with their fangs and bloodlust.

One thing that is very much a theme through LJ Smith’s books, that is also present in this book, is this whole fairytale soulmate stuff. If you’ve read “Vampire Diaries” or “Night World” you’ll know what I mean when I say – there are also stars and sparkles in this one. I LJ Smith is definitely one of those serious romantics.

Anyway, if you are into the young adult fiction (dirty little secret or not), this is definitely something you would enjoy! :)

As I have mentioned before, I am a complete crazy person when it comes to books, so obviously I can’t go through a weekend without reading one. This weekend it was “hush, hush” by Becca Fitzpatrick. I have wanted to read it for a while – well since my friend, Sprucey, recommended it on the forum. I thought it wasn’t out in South Africa yet, but while searching for the newest addition to ‘The House of Night Series, “Burned”, I came across it at CNA.

I started reading it almost immediately once I got home from shopping and battled to put it down for the rest of the weekend. If you enjoy the young adult fiction (such as Twilight, Vampire Academy, House of Night series, etc.), as I do, you will love “hush, hush”.

It is also a story of the supernatural variety, but rather than vampires, we find ourselves inside a world where angels are not just spiritual or religious figures, but are real, and they are not just the good kind either. There are fallen angels, the ones that get stripped of their wings and sent to earth, as well as, the Nephilim, which are the immortal half-angel, half-human race.

The story is about a girl named Nora Grey whose father has died recently and whose mother is struggling to make ends meet. One day, in Biology class, everything changes. The class seating is reshuffled and she ends up seated next to Patch, instead of her best friend, Vee. From their first encounter, you can already tell that there is something completely off about Patch but until the end, you are never entirely sure what that is. Obviously this love story is not simple, but it is definitely intriguing. You will fall in love with Patch – he is the ultimate bad boy and we know that most women cannot resist a bad boy – but there is more to him than that and as we slowly discover what, the story and reasons for his presence in Nora’s life, unfold.

The story is filled with a rich ground work, great characters, and an interesting look into the idea of angels – of the fallen and the guardian variety.

The next book in the series is called “Crescendo” and is due out in October this year :)

If you want any further information about Becca Fitzpatrick or her books, you can visit her website here.