Mercedes Thompson, or “Mercy” as I know her, is not a vampire or a werewolf, she doesn’t belong to the fae nor is she human. But, she is something. Something extraordinary ― she is a Walker.

“Moon Called” is another story that reminds me just why I love Young Adult (YA) Fantasy books so much. You’d think that after so many, I would be tired of the genre but that is not the case. I have read a few ‘doozies’ but this, ladies (and gentlemen?), is not one of them. Somehow Patricia Briggs gives a new spin to a world similar to the likes of our wonderful Miss Sookie Stackhouse’s. A world in which every myth and legend is beginning to become truth in the eyes of the human race.

The biggest difference with this series though, is our Heroin. Mercy is a character that is not only believable but easy to be around (which is kind of essential when you will be in her head for a while). She is strong, kind, caring and a little strange. But it’s her weaknesses and insecurities that make her so believable, and relatable.

I am one of the people that love a happy ending and a bit of romance, but what I do find is that often stories (especially in the YA genre) lose their ‘real life’ edge. The love stories tend to be all Romeo and Juliet styled, except they have the happy ending that Romeo and Juliet never did.

That was what I loved about the Sookie Stackhouse series. No matter how crazy the world gets, the relationships, the reactions, they remain almost…‘real’.

The Mercedes Thompson series of books seems to be very similar in that respect. The story line and characters are, of course, entirely different but the feel of the book (without the drugs and sex… so far at least) is very similar and I think that is one of the main reasons I love it so much.

I can’t wait to get started on “Blood Bound”, book 2 of the series, as it promises to be just as brilliant as the first!


I don’t know about everyone else but I have just had enough of the utter lawlessness and inconsideration that clouds this country!

I just got home after spending 2 hours in traffic (Yes – in the middle of the afternoon, for no reason other than because SANRAL felt like taking away 3 lanes of the 4 lane highway – they weren’t even doing anything!!) and during this time, all I could think about was how ‘we’ (the people of this country) just let it happen. We let the powers that be (whether it’s the government, big corporations, or the arrogant, self centered idiots all around us) have the control!

You know, in any other country, the people would be up in arms if they had to spend any amount of time stuck in traffic for roadworks. In any other country, if they take away more than one lane at a time the people are up in arms! The typical defensive question here would be: “But how would it get done then?” Well…. how about planning ahead? Or is that  too much of a foreign concept for people to understand? It is supposed to take long to change a highway infrastructure!!! We’ve had approx. 8 years (I stand to be corrected) to get ready for the FIFA World Cup – yet they only started with the highways a year ago.

If you can remember, it actually started off pretty well. I even used to commend SANRAL for the great work they were doing. They seemed to never take away more than one lane and they never worked in peak time. Now, as the clock ticks down to the World Cup, they don’t seem to care.

Now, I know this may seem like a small problem in a big pool (or should I say ocean) of problems in this country, but that is the biggest problem. We (as the people) except all of these ‘small’ things because there is always some ‘bigger’ problem. We say, “What’s some traffic when our Youth Leader is visiting criminals in jail, or when people are dying everyday because our health care system is pathetic?!” But the thing is – we should not except any of it! We should all be up in arms! And when I say up in arms, I do NOT mean, toy-toying, throwing rocks at people, burning things down or causing HAVOC!!! What I do mean, is that we should all band together (and when I say all, I mean all! I don’t care what your social standing or race is!) and say ENOUGH! We should have groups, organizations, that stand up for us. Organizations that are not run by, or in cahoots with, the government.

Take this Eskom fiasco as an example. If we want to be heard we should organize a strike – a ‘stay-away’ if you will. What would Eskom do if we all just didn’t use electricity for 3/4 days? Or if we all just didn’t pay our bill? How much money would they loose? Wouldn’t they then be forced to listen to us?

Yes, It’ll be inconvenient and even unpleasant but it will get our point across. I think it’s time that the people take the power back. I think it’s time that we remind all the ‘powers that be’ that the only reason they are where they are is because of us. The only reason Eskom can pay their CEO’s millions, is because we pay for electricity. The only reason Jacob Zuma is in power is because we voted for him. The only reason these road works are happening is because we pay taxes. I am so tired of these ‘powerful’ people or corporations thinking that they can get away with anything!

And you know what the worst part is – if we don’t do something soon, we are going to end up just like Zim. And it’ll be our fault, because we let it happen. Because , instead of us all standing up for what is right, we are all just saying “well if they can do it, I can do it too!” And if we are all corrupt and doing illegal things (yes, this includes the simple things like driving in the yellow lane) then where does that leave us? How would you come back from that?

This is not a free for all!!!

Okay, so quitting smoking wasn’t really successful, I will stop avoiding the truth… I f-f-failed!

Shew *wipes forehead*, I’m glad I got that off my chest.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my song (yes, it is now officially dubbed as Weeball’s song because I LOVE it!). I like sharing what makes me happy – It speaks to my inner child – ENJOY :mrgreen:

Today is the first day of ‘Operation Stop Smoking’. It is long over due but I have finally decided that I am sick of letting my money burn away while it destroys my health.

So I decided that blogging about it, might help with the frustrations, as well as, help out with retaining the will power I desperately need.

Will power is a funny thing. You start off with so much of it that it seems to ooze out of you, but within 2 hours your brain (the desperately addicted part, anyway) starts trying to coerce the rational part of your brain into believing that the entire thing is unnecessary.

Desperately Addicted Part of Brain: Why are you putting yourself through this?

Rational Part of Brain: Because I WANT to stop smoking.

DAPB: But why? You like smoking?

RPB: No… you like smoking! I like being able to smell, and being healthy, and not having to sit in yucky smoking sections, and not being dependent on something as ridiculous as a cigarette!!

DAPB: But maybe you should try to quit another way… like cutting down first. This Nicorette Patch thing is really difficult and if you fail, then you won’t try again.

RPB: No, the Patch is cheaper and I am sick of burning/ smoking my money away!

DAPB: You’re just going to end up spending the money on things like food and other distractions anyway – and then you’ll get fat!

RPB: Crap. I remember that from the last time I tried to quit. Dammit I’m already thinking about food! Maybe you have a point!

DAPB: *Happy Dance*

RPB: No, it doesn’t have to be like that! I will not give in DAPB! BACK OFF!!

So for now I am winning and I will kep on winning, until the DAPB is gone for good!!!

Yes… that is what I shall continue to chant to myself… over and over… until it is, in fact, the truth :mrgreen:

So Yesterday was interesting. I foolishly thought that it was going to be a fantastic day as the sun was finally rearing its head from behind the murky and very unwelcome, clouds. I drove to work merrily – all 50km’s without a single complaint – and when I finally arrived at work I was feeling ready to face the week ahead.

The day went on and I was feeling productive and content, well, that is until approximately 11h00 when the clouds over powered the sun and once again won the battle that has been going on since early January.

The rain came down in buckets… seriously, it was like a flash flood. I decided not to let it bug me that just as it was getting time for me to go home, it started raining, so I just ignored it cheerily.

At 12h00 (home time), the rain had slowed to a spit and I made my way out of the basement parking. I drove the few 100m’s to the dreaded William Nicol- Montecasino Boulevard intersection and turning left ,I was accosted by a rather deep and unpleasant puddle. I didn’t think much of it, other than the fact that it was an awful reminder of the Sun’s losing battle, until I reached the robot before the N1 highway on-ramp.

I turned into the newly opened construction lane and slowed down to stop (the robot was red, of course) only to have my car stall. Ignoring the sudden rush of blood to my face, I tried to start my car again, and you guessed it, it was dead. There wasn’t even a hint of the usual grinding-key turning sound.

Now, I don’t know if anyone has ever been stuck on William Nicol, but if you have, I am sure you will agree – It is rather scary! I am not the extremely paranoid type but I also don’t really like it when my car becomes the leaning/resting post for the hoards of men selling stuff at the robot. Especially when only the day before I saw those same men getting chased by the cops!

Anyway…  I ended up waiting just over an hour for my designated tow truck to arrive (Thank God for Roadside Assist), only to get home (after a long, awkward, drive) to find that my car is in fact, fine. It was just behaving like a cat and died of fright when it was dragged through the puddle!

I didn’t go to work today, for fear of my car dying again, but I am going to have to face it tomorrow! So let’s hold thumbs that tomorrow the Sun wins!

Does anyone have any idea why it is, that as soon as it rains people forget how to drive?

I can’t understand it. I mean, you expect to get to work later than usual because you have to drive slower, but to get to work 40 minutes later is just ridiculous.

Once again, the people at the Montecasino Boulevard – William Nicol Drive Intersection decided against following the rules so there was no way to turn into Montecasino Boulevard (unless you were driving a bulldozer or a monster truck – which I am seriously considering as my next choice of vehicle!).

I instead decided to take Witkoppen and go around the other way, only to find that traffic on Witkoppen was hardly moving! Although it was better because at least the people weren’t being retarded.

Well anyway, seeing as 2010 is supposed to be a positive year (I decided this on New Years Eve), I had better stop moaning, you know, with the law of attraction and all!

Hmmm… ok I found a positive – at least I had Gareth Cliff and the Team to keep me smiling! :lol:


Have a Happy Wednesday everybody!!!

Has everyone noticed the influx of learner drivers – well cars with red L’s on the back – on the roads recently?

Well I now know why! Apparently in South Africa, if you stick the red L on your back window you are allowed to drive! Now, don’t get me wrong, this is illegal, but for some reason a great deal of our population are convinced that this is how it works, and to be hones I don’t even think half of them no that they are doing something wrong.

You know which cars I am talking about… it’s usually an old UNO or a Tazz… even a Mazda 323, with dark tinted windows and a big red L. They are usually driving in the middle or fast lane of the highway, going about 80km/h (100km/h if you are lucky) and they are holding on to their steering wheels for dear life!

Now my question is, How does this happen? How is it that there are people that think that this is how it works? Where are the traffic cops when it comes to them? All the Metro seem to do nowadays is hide in the bushes, waiting for speeding cars, or setting up roadblocks at inappropriate times, causing unnecessary traffic!

Ok, I know I am moaning again… what can I say? The holidays are past now and it’s back to the 100km stretch a day…. you can’t blame me for thinking about cars and traffic, can you?? LOL

Happy Tuesday Peeps!

*Before I get to my actual post, I just want to apologize for the lack of posting. I blame this entirely on both work and QWP ( The first, because work has suddenly come alive and there is just too much to do and the latter, because Twilight RPG is an addiction I have no intention of stopping :) Ok, now that that’s out of the way, on to my post…

I got to thinking the other day, “What is it about this Twilight world that gets all of us going?” and I came up with a theory that men may be able to learn from. (Yes, guys, if you stop hating on our sparkling vamps and shirtless wolves, you may actually be able to learn from them!)

We all know that, even though the entire fantasy world created by Stephenie Meyer is so fantastic, the Twilight Series is essentially a love story – a classic love triangle where a choice has to be made. A choice between what’s natural and right and what’s magical and passionate. Now, no matter what team you’re on I am sure you can agree that, for most of us, there are both irresistible and frustrating qualities on either side. I am here to point those out. So let’s start with the irresistible qualities of Edward Cullen.

1)      Confidence, Confidence, Confidence. Edward exudes mystery. He is the bad boy, the one that no girl can crack – He is unattainable. It’s human nature, once something is unattainable, to automatically regard it highly… he becomes god- like the minute Jessica tells Bella that she shouldn’t bother. (Yes, I know, he is HOT, but there are plenty of hot men out there and you can’t tell me that they measure up, now can you?)

2)      Curiosity. Mysteries create fascination. Every single one of us (even the Team Jacob’s) were intrigued by him in the first book (that’s why we read the second one, right?). He was different. He was confusing. It stems back to the age old advise of playing hard to get. Obviously doing this can also back fire but when it is not intentional it tends to have the desired effect. When you have to work for something, it makes it even better.

3)      Overprotective, throw-myself-in-front-of-a-bullet-for-you love. No matter what we say, women like to feel protected. Yes, it is rather old fashioned… but what can I say- old habits die hard.

4)      “You are my world, Bella.” Need I say more? Nothing is more swoon worthy than a man who proclaims his love in an irrational “you-are-my-everything” kind of way. We like to feel as though the one-of-a-kind magical love is out there, and that we have found it. (This stems from fairytales… we do understand this – but it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks!)

5)      He may be a vampire, but he is a gentleman. He opens your car door, gets his point across without using a single profanity and he will give you his jacket when it’s cold. He is that guy, the one who was hard to get, but is now devoted… to you and only you. (Yes, this does sound crazy… but once again, I blame the fairytales!) It’s all about respect.

Now before the guys start planning to become Edward Cullen replicas, let me tell you some of the things that will not work in reality….

1)      Stalkerish Behaviour. Creeping into our windows at night and watching us sleep, even out of love, is not okay in the real world. This is considered stalking. So is following us around, and watching us, constantly, from a distance.

2)      Lying is never okay – even if you think it is for protective purposes. No matter what, don’t tell us you don’t love us, when you do, and leave the country to protect us, or because you think it’s the right thing to do. I can promise you that, in the real world, there will be no one waiting for you when you get back… especially if there is a shirtless Jacob making us forget about you.

That brings me to our second hero – Jacob Black. Let’s start with what we love about him.

1)      A little bit of boy in a man, is a good thing. Jacob is fun and playful. He knows how to have a good time and is not always serious. (Yes, we do actually like to wrestle and joke around – it’s not always about life or death, and ‘how much do you love me?’)

2)      Vulnerability. Jacob shows his soft side a lot more often than his competitor. He is human with feelings and he is not afraid to show them. (But before you start shedding tears when your girlfriend’s puppy dies, he is not too soft. He has the manly thing down enough to be the one holding you while you cry, dead puppy or bad day at work, it doesn’t matter – Jacob will be there.)

3)      Protector. Once again. We like to feel safe. (Take note – repeating concepts usually denotes importance).

4)      Honesty. Jacob is like an open book. If you ask him, “Does my butt look big in this?” His reply would be simple, “You know there is no right answer to that question, right?” with a big grin and a chuckle. (Once again, playful is good.)

5)      Willing to fight. There is something incredibly sexy about determination. Jacob is willing to fight for her, no matter what. He never gives up, even when it hurts. (Devotion…. anyone heard that before?)

Now, to be fair (because after all, I am Team Jacob) there are some bad things about him too.

1)      Forcing the issue. For the love of god – Please don’t kiss us unless you are sure we want you too. Once again, in reality, this will only earn you a slap across the face (which will actually hurt!). Use your judgment, asking is better, but it’s not great either. Oh, and using manipulation as a fighting tactic – also not the best of ideas in reality.

2)      Persistence. This is a tough one, it has a good and a bad side. As has been said, determination is sexy, but I want to just mention that, in a world where it’s not about life and death, if we make a choice – respect it and leave it at that.

So you see guys were not all that complicated ;)

*Note: I just want to take this opportunity to say that this is not about the book or the teams. As much as I love a good debate, this is an adaptation to real life. I do know that Edward is not a stalker and that Bella breaking her hand on Jake’s face was actually pretty funny :)