This weekend was a whirlwind of reminiscing and absolute craziness!

So I’ve told you about Bix, right? Well she has bumped up her flight and is now leaving for London TODAY! She told us this on Thursday, so, as you can imagine, this weekend became “The-Best-of-the-Three-Musketeers-Back-Together-One-Last-Time.”

On Friday we went to Doors and rocked our socks off! I am not even kidding! I haven’t danced like that since… actually ‘m not even sure I have danced like that. We were on the floor the WHOLE time. Every time my body would say, “Ok, it’s time for a rest!” a really, really good song would come on and I would just ignore it! It was so AWESOME. I’m sure The Killers would agree. They were coming there for the concert after party, although I gave in to my body before they arrived , so there is no proof in the form of a photo (although apparently there are no camera’s allowed in Doors, at all, ever! So that wouldn’t have happened anyway!).

So after the “Awesomest-Night-of-Dancing-Ever” I woke up and I promise you, I couldn’t move me neck. I just laid there trying to figure out how I was going to get up. Did you know that you use your neck muscles for almost every movement you make? It gives you momentum to move forward or get up. Yes, I know, it was news to me too.

So Saturday was interesting, to say the least. I did still manage so go out with Mr Perfect and get DVD’s but that was about it. We watched “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” (I had forgotten what it was like in cinema… Twilight has that effect), “The Hangover” (which was hilarious… did I mention earlier that you use your neck to laugh too?) and “Ice Age 3″ (which was pretty good too. Who doesn’t love cute baby dinosaurs and Mammoths?).

Yesterday I woke up with a very, very slightly better neck and off we went to The Glen, before going back to Bix’s to have a farewell braai. Shopping was horrific… busy shopping centre’s should not be inhabited by crazy girls who have a sore neck and can therefore not work properly. Needless to say, I was not in the best of moods!

The braai was awesome, as well. Reminiscing about ‘The Good Ol’ Days” can never be bad :) Except when people keep pouring shooters, on a Sunday, and you have to then be reminded that you are now older and have to actually go to work on a Monday – that sucks! I did leave there with a special something though – “The Holy Grail of the Three Musketeers.” Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but it is our book. It holds the ultimate form of reminiscing and I may even post some of the best ones here :) You never know.

All in all it was fantastic, but now I have to get to the airport and deal with the not so awesome part – saying goodbye!

thehostI have been putting off reading the host because for some strange reason I felt as though I was betraying ‘Twilight’. I know it’s crazy but I wasn’t ready to leave the ‘Twilight’ fantasy world just yet.

Anyway, enough crazy talk. I started reading ‘The Host’ on Sunday afternoon and finished yesterday afternoon. Yes, it was THAT good! I couldn’t read fast enough. The story is entirely different to what I had expected.

The story is about an parasite-type alien race which take over Earth by using humans as hosts.  The few humans that are left are all on the run from the Seekers. Melanie Stryder is one of these humans, but she gets caught and Wanderer is inserted into her body. A strange thing happens though – Melanie does not disappear, instead Melanie and Wanderer are forced to share her body.

Melanie uses her human memories of the man she loves, Jared, to try to torture Wanderer and to keep her younger brother, Jamie, hidden from her. Wanderer begins to love Jared and Jamie and the journey to find them begins.

The story is full of wonderful surprises and some really interesting and extremely lovable characters. The aliens are completely different to any aliens you may have heard about and the book doesn’t have the sci-fi feal I thought it would, but rather it feels just as any other good fantasy book. The writing in this story is very different to that of ‘Twilight’ but you can still feel Stephenie in every inch of it. She is a genius.

I have fallen in love with these characters and I can only hope that Stephenie Meyer continues with the series, making it the 3 book series she envisioned.


I understand that the project you have undertaken, to improve the roads that we rely on for almost everything, is indeed very complicated, but I want to let you in on something I have learned while driving through the maze you have created for us.

We, drivers, are like sheep. We all generally follow the route that the majority are following, but as with sheep you get the rebellious ones, the ones that just don’t follow the rest, the ones who try to get away, or get ahead. These ones need to be forced to follow. You see, they don’t have the same thinking capacity as the majority. They don’t have the logic to see that by following and listening to the rules you get where you want to go faster, without disturbing every one else. They aren’t considerate enough to understand this. They are the kind that just do as they please, without caring about consequences.

Now, sometimes, these rebellious ones, cause havoc and stir up the anger in the majority of us. This often causes a type of chase and sometimes a ramming incident will ensue. This endangers all of us followers, who are just trying to get from A to B alive , happy and within a specific time frame.

So what am I getting at, you ask? Well, I am asking that you please, please, please,  make sure to herd them properly, to please send this message to all the herdsman, to inform them that barriers need to be in place in order to prevent the rebellious ones from skipping the queue, through outside lanes, thereby reeking havoc.

Correct herding is imperative for the majority of our sanity’s! Please keep that in mind while you take away lanes and create traffic that wasn’t there previously. Help us appreciate these changes, help us accept the traffic, by not leaving openings for the rebellious, stupid ones to take advantage.

Thank you.

Warmest Regards,


Not that I need to tell you but I have been a bit slack with my posts these last 2 weeks. I blame getting older *lol* No seriously, ever since my birthday I have just been a bit out of whack. So much stuff seems to be happening but I am hoping that things will begin to calm down again, with the holidays coming and all. I need some time to get into the spirit :)

Anyhoo… yesterday I went to watch New Moon again (like I said… fanatic) and I was shocked to see how the ads have become the same as TV ads. I know that it has been going on for a while, but they usually play longer versions and they are mainly the story-like ads, so I never really had much of  a problem, that is until yesterday.

We were sitting there all innocently, waiting patiently (well,  an attempt at patience) and the next minute a Kotex ad comes on. You know the one with the chick walking all over the show and this weird scrunching sound keeps following her, and then you discover that it is actually her pad making noises while she walks!

I was like “Seriously?”You are advertising pads, at the cinema.” Is it weird that that freaks me out? I was so uncomfortable. Imagine you bring your kids to watch a movie and the pad ad comes on and they ask loudly, “Mom, what’s that?”

I would die! I would literally be begging for a giant hole to appear and engulf me!

Maybe it’s just me, but still. I think I should write to them,

Dear Mrs/Mr Advertising Manager for Pad ads around the world,

Please, I beg you, could you stick to girly mags and day time television for any advertising of sanitary products. It would be much appreciated!

Warmest Regards,


So finally, the wolf is out of the bag! (*lol* Sorry, I couldn’t help myself) After a really long week, the ‘New Moon’ midnight premiere finally arrived and let me just say, Oh. My. God! It was fantastic. Chirs Weitz is a genius and he really brought the book to life. He definitely gave us a really raw and honest interpretation of our beloved book. (Thank you Chris!!) I have watched it twice now, so I think I can give a pretty decent review!

(If you haven’t watched the movie yet and wish to remain spoiler free I suggest that you stop reading here!)

First I am going to talk about all the things I absolutely loved and then I’ll go into the few things that I didn’t.

Firstly, well done to all of the actors. They all did an amazing job bringing the characters we all know and love, to life! There are a few I would like t expand on though.

Kristen Stewart portrayed Bella’s depression perfectly. I can’t imagine what a toll spending day in and day out tapping into such a dark place must have taken on her, so, thank you Kristen for giving us ‘Twihards’ the perfect Bella! The montage used to depict Bella’s comatose state was amazing and it portrayed the passing of time and her zombie -like state perfectly. Talking of that montage, Billy Burke got Charlie down to a tee. If it weren’t for the scenes of him trying to console her I wouldn’t have had my teary eyed moment! It really brought the pain and abandonment to life.

Robert Pattinson also really hit the nail on the head with this movie (not that he didn’t do it with ‘Twilight’). My 2 favourite Edward moments would have to be in the break up scene where he kisses her on the head (his facial expression in that moment describes what is really going on perfectly) and in Volterra when Bella stops him from stepping into the sunlight (When he said “Heaven” it just really made my heart melt!).

Taylor Lautner surprised us all with his spot-on portrayal of Jacob. I couldn’t have asked for a more honest and raw performance. The scene after the movie scene between him and Bella and between him and Mike, definitely showed off his ability to act. It takes a lot to be able to go from happy, to loving and then to angry, in a matter of seconds! Another perfect example of this boys acting skills is when he climbs into Bella’s window to apologize! He played the best friend wanting more so well!! His expression as he is trying to get Bella to understand tells all.

Another surprising performance was Anna Kendrick’s. Her monologue was fantastic! She only had a few lines in the movie but she managed to give us everything we needed in those lines (including some really necessary comic relief!).

Dakota Fanning was and is the perfect Jane. From the moment she showed up in the alley way she commanded the screen and had me feeling rather afraid for Bella and Edward.

Out of all of these astonishing performances though, I need to make special mention to Michael Sheen! He was definitely the star of the show with his portrayal of Aro. He was everything I imagined and more. Every facial expression and every movement he made had me shivering. He is the epitome of Vampire ‘kings’. Aro’s greediness for power and his bizarre ‘happiness’ shined through everything he did!

As for the things I didn’t love. The way Jacob was portrayed was a big problem for me, being Team Jacob and all. I know that a lot of people see him as a jerk already but this movie seemed to focus on it. A good example would be when he answers the phone in the end – in the book he thinks it’s Carlisle, whereas here he knows it is Edward – so it makes him seem nasty! Another big one was the movie scene (his acting skills are awesome but the scene just didn’t match)! The scene in the Rabbit is one of my favourites so skipping it really sucked. Another problem I have is with the end, they make Edward seem so innocent when he is thanking Jacob and they make Jacob seem really bad when he phases. Jacob has super self control. He shouldn’t have phased. I was sad that they left out the end scene where he tells on Bella, it would have been a much better ending! Charlie would have been funny mad :)

Ok so there were two more things I didn’t like. Alice’s outfits and her vision. Bella and Edward frolicking slowly through the forest just looked utterly ridiculous… where did they get the idea that they would wear those outfits?? It was so funny… the entire cinema laughed (both times!!)

Anyway, as a whole… the movie was an utter success. Books often get completely lost in translation and it wasn’t this time! Chris Weitz did us proud!

Now it’s just another 6 months until we can see how David Slade fairs!!

This goes out to all the people I saw on the roads this morning…. yes, that includes the dumbasses who were driving in the construction lane and all the ones that usually get a fright when they realize the lanes are merging and then have to be in another lane, etc….. but mainly, this message goes out to the Putco Bus Driver, the chicky in her Renault Scenic and all the other stupid folk who were present at the Montecasino Boulevard – William Nicol intersection at approximately 07h40 this morning….


Ok, I feel better now :)


P.S. Tonight is the big night!!! Whoohoo for New Moon!!

Well I am officially playing catch-up at the moment! The New Moon premiere last night has left me completely out of the loop this morning. I was not prepared to wake up at 4am to watch it live. I hate having such a huge time difference from the states.

Anyway, so I have another awesome thing that is happening this week… I am getting some tax back :) It really is one of those weeks. Although, this morning, while getting into my car to drive to work, I slammed my finger in the door (yes it was incredibly stupid) and OWWWW!!

So it got me thinking about something my sister said when she won the Amarula prize and scratched her car. She said it’s about balance and because scratching her car wasn’t as bad as getting into a car acident, she won a smaller prize to make up for it.

Now, this concept scares me slightly. If I win the trip to LA and really have the most awesome week ever, what will be coming next week to balance it out? More finger slamming? A broken bone? Scratching my car?

Seriously, that would be so uncool. I think I will have to just stay positive, push my sisters negative thoughts out and decide that life isn’t really about balance or luck… and once again stick to my belief that it is what you make it :)

Have a happy Tuesday everyone!!

(Tomorrow is my birthday and there are 3 more sleeps until New Moon!! Whooohoooo!! lol. I’m crazy, I know)

Wow, it’s Monday already! But guess what? There are only 7 left of the year (including today). It’s an awesome thought, blady scary, but awesome none-the-less!

This Monday is a pretty good one, for me,though, probably the best one of the year. Come to think of it, this will probably be the best week of the year! :)

This is because it’s my birthday on Wednesday. I haven’t felt this excited for my birthday for a few years, I feel like a kid again!! I think that has a lot to do with my current obsession with ‘Twilight’. It reminds me of my child obsession with ‘The Lion King’. It may very well be the last crazy obsession I have… although I doubt it!

This week is filled with awesome-ness, actually. Mr Perfect is planning a big surprise. I am trying not to think about it too much because if I get too excited, the time will slow down dramatically and I am not very good at waiting :) I know that he has spent a lot of time on it and he calls it his ‘special project’… hmmm… the only clue he has given me is saying that I need to be up at least 20 minutes earlier, just for his gift! Ok, I am going to stop thinking about it again… it’s driving me crazy!

In the evening, we’ll have my sister and brother-in-law over for dinner, birthdays are big things in my family – we always make arrangements to see each other and spend the day or evening together!

On Thursday I’ll go for a haircut after work (I always get my hair cut around my birthday – it’s tradition). Then my crazy friend, Doofie, for all intents and purposes, will be coming with me to watch ‘Twilight’ in cinema’s at 20h00 (Nu Metro released it on Friday to prepare for the premiere of New Moon)

And then, Friday is the day of the premiere!! I’m going to watch it with Ducky, Doofie, another friend and Mr Perfect! I can’t wait! We’ll probably only get home around 3am and then I shall sleep until at least 10h00 on Saturday – I don’t want to be tired for the Brutal Fruit party – and if I’m really lucky, I’ll win the trip to LA!! Whoohooo!!!

Ok, so those are my plans for the week – note the reason it’ll be the best one of the year! :)

I know this is off topic but it was cute… and cute-ness is always relevant!!


America has the Cutest Bunnies!

Happy Monday Everybody!!

So yesterday Me, Ducky and Mr Perfect went to look at a place and we got a nice feel for what to expect. We we’re all excited and feeling pretty good afterwards, until Mr Perfect got home and found a summons from Virgin Active telling him that he owes them R3000.00 from a contract he canceled  3 years ago. It’s the first time he has heard anything about it.

Needless to say, he was not impressed and is now feeling like he has absolutely no luck. He said that evey time things seem to start going right in one place in his life then something goes wrong else where.

This got me thinking, do you believe in luck? I mean, In the last 9 months I have won 4 prizes (I had never won anything before that) and every one keeps calling me lucky now and saying things like, “You should play the lotto”. I don’t know… I honestly don’t believe in luck. I believe that we create our own luck so now I am trying to figure out what has changed from March until now. (Hmmm…I wonder if I can channel it).

You see, like with Mr. Perfect, while I know it is not easy, I believe he is in control. I believe that if he didn’t worry as much and if he focused on all the good and didn’t stress about money so often, his luck would change – or maybe it would just be his perception of it- either way he wouldn’t feel that he is ‘unlucky’.

I know it isn’t easy to not stress or to not worry when something bothers you but I honestly believe that taking control of our emotions is the key to happiness! I am in no way good at this (as you should see from post rants) but awareness is the first step right??

Anyway… That’s enough deep thinking for a Friday morning, I just thought I’d put the thought out there :)

Talking about Fridays, here’s today’s funnies,



And finally,



Whoohoo for Friday!! :)

Revenge is sweet

Well it’s 9 more sleeps until the New Moon midnight premiere, 1 week until my birthday and just over a week until the party, so just excuse me if you are not at all interested in any of this  because at the moment this is how I m feeling,


And because of this I will probably be posting things, such as this New TV Spot called “Battle”,

and squealing like a little girl on Christmas Morning! It is inevitable.

I will try to remain as normal as possible during the build-up to New Moon so that every one does not worry too much about my sanity but just in case I can’t… please take this as an official apology :)