While driving to work, at snails pace, through the endless traffic, I started thinking about why there is traffic. I mean, if the far left lane is merging with the middle lane, then surely the far right lane should still be moving?

Upon closer inspection though, I realized why, the idiots (I say idiots because they cannot seem to think further than the car in front of them and sometimes, even that is asking too much) will drive in the middle lane, ignoring the merging lane signs. As soon as they get to the point of merging they proceed to realize that there is a car next to them wanting to come into their lane. Upon realizing this they either think, “oh, let me move over” or “What the hell, I’m getting out of this lane”. They then push their way into the far right, where the normal folk, who noticed the merging lane two weeks ago when they first put it up, are queuing either patiently or not so patiently.

Now, to think, if these idiots didn’t do that and maybe planned ahead, or were patient enough to understand the concept of the one car, one car rule, then maybe traffic would just be a bit better. I figure that these idiots, and the ones that drive up yellow lanes or construction lanes, are the ones that moan the most about the traffic and yet they are the cause for most of it.

This all got me thinking further, why is it that South African roads are so dangerous? I mean, we’re not the only country with idiots, taxi’s and roadworks. I know we are a 3rd world country, with a 1st world road infrasructure (well in JHB, at least) but even in India, where there are people every where and cows in the roads, there aren’t even nearly as many accidents.

Is it arrogance? Or  naivety? Would things be different if we didn’t expect the other people on the road to follow the rules? If we were constantly expecting the idiot to pull out in front of us, or the truck to come flying around the corner, or the women in front of us to break way too late?

Would being prepared help? To be honest, I really do think so. I think that being so unaware of our surroundings and by expecting everyone around us follow the rules, is what causes accidents. I don’t think we take enough responsibility. We blame that taxi, that truck or that asshole without thinking about what exactly we do on the roads. Or are you different? Where the rules don’t apply, because you know what you are doing.

Well I can tell you this, no one wants to get into an accident and that taxi, truck or asshole also thinks he knows what he is doing.

What a weekend!! I went to a braai on Saturday for my one friend’s, let’s call her bix, birthday. Bix and I were friends since we we’re in grade 8 and on my 21st we had a massive falling out and only recently started chatting again. There were three of us – the three musketeers, as we used to put it – the third of us being Sammy.  We spent almost every weekend of high school together and were each intricate parts of one another’s lives. Until Sammy and Bix had a stupid fight of sorts, Sammy ended up dating one of our friends (they are now engaged) and moved to the little town of Gaansbaai. She only moved back about 2 weeks ago. When I think back, I realize how quickly it all happened!

Anyway so Saturday was the first time in about 5 years that were all together again and I must say, it felt like I had stepped into a time machine and I was in grade 10 again!

It was so much fun. We partied like our lives depended on it and we caught up on everything from “What are you doing now?” to ” OMG! Do you remember that time we….?”. It felt like old times, like absolutely nothing had changed!!

Well except for the fact that my body no longer recovers quite as quickly as it used too. When I woke up, all I could think was Oh yes, this is why I stopped doing this! Man, I forgot what shooters do to a person!! I also forgot about UDI’s (unexplained Drunken Injuries). It was worth it, though, and I’m impressed, I didn’t even think the standard, “I’m never drinking again!” line.

Anyway… so here’s to Monday and to an awesome weekend! I hope there are many more to come!!

Monday advice:

This is the epitomy of learning to love what you have! :)

Be positive and Learn to absolutely love what you already have :)

Happy Monday everyone!

Well it’s that wonderful time of the week again and what a week it has been, with loads of excitement, anxiety, stress and fun! Let’s hope the weekend is only filled with the first and last one!!

So…. “WHOOOHOOOOO” for Friday!!!

How I feel Now :)

How I feel Now :)

How I am bound to feel on Monday....

How I am bound to feel on Monday....

Just too cute not too share!!!

Just too cute not too share!!!

Have an awesome weekend everybody!!!

Yesterday was one of the strangest days I have experienced in a long time!! It started off pretty normally and as the day went on it just got a little crazy. Work was busier than usual and the office had a air of excitement as I was chatting with my sister about New Moon and my birthday list and party and so forth…

Once I got home I started with the usual – switching on the pc, catching up on TV viewing (in this case it was ‘So You Think You Can Dance’) and having lunch. I checked my mail and found that I am now the new News Poster for Twilight South Africa (so if you’re a Twilight fan, click the link and come and have a look. I am going to add a link in the side bar as well, just in case you forget to bookmark it, you can always find it here!).

Anyway, so I was chatting to one of my friends online, discussing birthday plans, and the next minute I get this phone call:

Highveld Stereo Lady: Hi Stacey, this is Highveld Stereo Lady. Congratulations! You are a winner in our Brutal Fruit Competition. You will be receiving a phone call from the producer anytime between now and 6, to record your story for the show tonight!

Me: Ummm… Sorry, what?? (I never fail to appear stupid!)

Highveld Stereo Lady: This is Highveld Stereo Lady. Congratulations. You are a winner in our Brutal Fruit Competition. You will be receiving a phone call from the Top8@8 Guy anytime between now and 6 to record your story for the show tonight!

Me: OMG!! That is awesome. Thank you!!

That was the entire call. As soon as I put the phone down I came to the realization that I don’t have my story (I had to write a little story using specific key words, you can read about it here). This is about the time where I started to freak out! I entered the competition on a whim at work on Monday morning and I didn’t really think I had a chance, so I didn’t listen to the show on Monday and Tuesday and I therefore had no idea what to expect!

So after about 2 hours of stomach twisting and internal freak out sessions,  Top8@8 Guy called.

Top8@8 Guy: Hi Stacey. I’m sure you have heard that you have are our daily Brutal Fruit competition winner and have won yourself a Brutal Fruit Hamper and tickets to our exclusive party, for you and your 2 best friends, on the 21st.

Me: Yeah. It’s awesome! I’m so excited.

Top8@8 Guy: Ok great, so what we’re gonna do is record your story. You will read it to me, adding some enthusiasm and then we’ll be playing it on the show tonight.

Me: Enthusiasm?

Top8@8 Guy: Umm.. yes, you know, like how your 1st grade teacher used to read you stories. (I just about died at this point)

Me: Ummm ok, just one problem. I don’t have my story. I’m an idiot and didn’t save a copy.

Top8@8 Guy: Oh ok, no worries. I’ll just send it through to you and then I’ll call our Cape Town winner while you read and get familiar with your story.

So in the 5 minutes he spent calling the Cape Town winner (it took her so much quicker than me) I must have read my story out loud 30 times! It was ridiculous. I was reading it like a squirrel on speed!!

Anyway, he called back and after a few failed attempts, wild laughs and my dog barking at God-alone-knows what, I got the story read and recorded! I must tell you, Top8@8 Guy was really awesome! He knew exactly what to say, “Your stories awesome”, “Don’t stress, just read it to me like we’re friends”, “That’s it, it sounds great!”…etc. He is so good at his job! I actually, eventually felt pretty comfortable and could get through the story!

The wait until the show was utterly ridiculous! I thought I might have hyperventilated and died on the spot!Well, I must say, once the Top8@8 came, I was cringing and blocking my ears – yes I can be a child sometimes, so what? I couldn’t help it, even if I tried!

Well anyway, I just want to take a moment to thank the Top8@8 and Brutal Fruit for the awesome prizes and to ask you guys to hold thumbs for me to win the grand prize of a once in a Life Time Trip to Los Angeles with my 2 best friends!!

HAPPY PhuzaThursday!!!

Yoga was quite a bit easier last night than usual. I’d like to think that it is because I’m getting better at it, but the truth is, I just happen to be able to twist a bit better than I can do anything else! You see, we focus on different things each class and the twisting classes are 0X easier for me than the balancing classes. Even the warm ups are easier.

I can feel myself improving though. I can do the frog type move (I can’t remember what it’s called now) where you lean forward with your hands on the floor in front of you , lift your legs up into your arm pit, or as close as possible(almost like a frog) , and then you rest them on your arms (above the elbow) and balance off the ground with your head forward. It sounds worse than it is…lol. Although I almost fell on my face last night, I actually balanced for like 2 or 3 seconds!!

Yes, it is sad when you start measuring your progress by seconds and how many times you fall. But how else am I supposed to know I am improving??

I just googled it and  I found a picture on the yoga poses and beyond website.



And that’s why 3 seconds is a good improvement! I couldn’t even get up at first.

Anyhoo, Happy Wednesday everyone!! 16 more sleeps until New Moon :) My mood just keeps getting better as it gets closer!!

Today is one of those days, you know, the ones where you just wake up on the right side of the bed, where all the robots are green on your way to work and where everything just makes complete and utter sense! They may not happen often, but man, they are the best kind of days! I seriously need to figure out the exact formula to creating the perfect day, everyday!

Maybe I should write a book. I’ll go on a ‘journey’ of sorts in an attempt to figure out the formula and write about it. It could be fun and it could be an interesting read. Maybe I’ll make it big and get to go on the Oprah show. Ok, well maybe not that big, but you never know!

Things to feel good about:

  • I’m healthy
  • I have a great bunch of friends
  • I have an awesome family
  • I have a great boyfriend, who, without a doubt, loves me like crazy!
  • Life is only just beginning
  • I have a pretty cool job
  • I get to spend half my day doing anything and everything I want to do
  • There are 15 sleeps until my birthday
  • There are 17 sleeps until the midnight premiere of New Moon
  • Today, in 2 months time, I would already be on holiday
  • It is Christmas in just over a month
  • The office is probably closing over Christmas, so my holiday will be even longer!

See, I told you, today is one of those days. If you had asked me yesterday my list probably would have looked like this:

  • I have hay fever, my nose is therefore blocked. Why does this always happen??
  • I don’t go out with my friends enough!
  • My dad drives me insane sometimes!
  • My boyfriend is so miserable lately and it’s all my fault!
  • I am never going to afford to move out and get a new car
  • My job is so boring and so far away from home!
  • My day goes so fast that I hardly get to do the things I want – I spend most of it driving!
  • Time is going so incredibly slowly – typical Murphy’s law rubbish!
  • I wish I didn’t have to wait until the 20th
  • I need to shape up for our holiday… I probably won’t get it right and end up ruining the whole thing for myself!
  • I need to shop for Christmas presents
  • Where has this year gone, before you know it I’m going to be 40!

Proof that their is always more than one way to see things – positive or negaitve. The great thing? We get to choose which one!

So choose the right one and let’s all have a Happy Tuesday!

I just wanted to take a minute to mention my new favourite website –  The Quileute Wolf Pack website. Being a complete team Jacob or should I say, ‘Team Entire Wolf Pack’, I thought I’d let everyone know about it! It has great info on all recent news regarding anything Twilight (although it focuses mainly on the Pack). It also has a lot of information pertaining to the wolves, including info on the Quileute nation and language! My absolute favourite part of the website though, is the forum! What a great bunch of Wolf Pack fans! It’s buckets of fun :) So if you are a fan of Twilight and you’re interested in chatting to people who understand the OCD well… come on over and join our pack! *lol*

Ok onto what I did this weekend (which was nothing much….):

We watched movies on Friday night – ‘The Proposal’ and ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’. ‘The Proposal’ was as hilarious this time as it was the first time I watched it! Sandra Bollock reminds me so much of my sister in this movie I can’t help but hose myself at all the craziness! Monsters vs. Aliens, on the other hand, was disappointing. I expected it to be much funnier. It was more for the kids than I originally thought. It was cute though – something the kiddies will love!

I went to The Glen on Saturday and they are finally finished with all the upgrades! It’ looks great. The new Incredible Connection and Hi-Fi Corp look great, as do all the new home and lifestyle shops. I love that they are all so close together! I just can’t wait until the parking is completely finished and I really wish they would upgrade the cinema as well. I don’t know how or why but that cinema has really gotten quite dilapidated. It’s sad really, especially when the enter itself is doing so well!

On Saturday night (I wish I had organized something for Halloween) I ended up reading a fanfic until 3 am! It was a great story, different to the other ones I have read.

It’s called Fall for You by Live720. What if Bella never jumped off the cliff? This story picks up from that part in New Moon. It gives Jacob his chance, finally. If Edward decides to come back, whom will Bella choose? Who is Cole and what are his motives? Read and find out!

It is very well written and is a nice alternative for us Jacob fans!

Yesterday I want to my dad for lunch. I didn’t realize how much I missed my little brothers until I was there.They are growing up so quickly! It’s petrifying!

Well I hope you all had a great weekend! It’s finally November! 16 days ’til my birthday and 18 days to go ’til New Moon:)

Happy Monday everyone! (Let’ just get it over and done with)!

So Ducky and I want to move out. The idea of it gets me so excited, it’s ridiculous. I just wish that things were a bit more simple sometimes. It could be great if we could just find a place right away and be in our own little place by December.

Even though we might starve to death, have no luxuries what-so-ever and I might have to go home to do my laundry, it would be loads of fun. Ducky and I have this unspoken type of connection thing. We just get each other because our minds function the same, so to be honest I couldn’t think of a better roomie :)

Hopefully this will all just work out magically, like things often do, and we’ll have a place soon enough!

Anyway, enough thinking and worrying for a Friday morning!

Talk about seeing the positive?

Talk about seeing the positive?

This is me when my pc is being sloooow....

This is me when my pc is being sloooow....

Oh how I love LOL cats on a Friday (well anytime actually!).

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Lets all  Whooohoooo for Friday!

I just read a very interesting post on the Twilight Lexicon website. The post refers to an article on Yahoo Movies, which talks about the double standards of young celebs. It focuses on Taylor Lautner and Miley Cyrus, and the sexualization of these young stars.

The article says:

“Remember the huge uproar in April 2008, when 15-year-old Miley Cyrus appeared in “Vanity Fair” wrapped in a sheet, with her right shoulder and the top of her back visible, implying that, under the sheet, she wasn’t wearing a shirt? That week, the cover of the New York Post read “Miley’s Shame,” the Christian Coalition called for the Hannah Montana star’s employer, Disney, to reprimand the teenager, and finally Miley was forced to apologize in a statement to People Magazine, saying: “I never intended for any of this to happen, and I am truly sorry if I have disappointed anyone.” The pandemonium was so huge that critics ranging from the ladies of “The View”, to Bill O’Reilly, to Miley’s fellow Disney star Joe Jonas all expressed their disapproval over what they saw as the sexualization of a child to sell magazines.”

“Now, with the premiere of his movie, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” less than a month away, magazines, websites, and TV are blanketed with images of 17-year-old star Taylor Lautner, shirtless and showing off the body he trained for months to perfect for the role. And yet, none of the cultural critics who turned Miley’s photos into a full-blown “scandal” have said a word about the sexualization of Taylor, who, at 17, is just two years older than Miley was during her “scandal” and is also a minor. So, does Hollywood have a double standard?”

You can read the rest of the article here.

Taylor Lautner Shirtless for New Moon

Taylor Lautner Shirtless for New Moon

I feel quite strongly about this whole thing and that is why I felt the need to post it. It creeps me out that there are a whole bunch of older women perving over 17 year old Taylor.  I am 22 and those 5 years are a big enough difference that I can’t even look at his abs and think “yummy”. It’s creepy… he’s a kid, albeit a good-looking one, but still a kid! It’s one thing to think he is cute and another thing to perve. But at the same time the majority of the people looking at his abs are girls his age and even younger.The majority of ‘Twilight’ fans are in his age group, maybe a bit older.

With Miley there is a difference.

Miley Cyrus in Vanity Fair

Miley Cyrus in Vanity Fair

These photo’s are much more suggestive. She is wearing a sheet. That is sexual and 15 year old boys aren’t the ones reading Vanity Fair. There is something wrong with having sexual photos taken and put in a magazine aimed for an adult audience. There are perverted pedophiles out there!

So yes there are double standards, but their two cases are also too different to compare!

What do you guys thing?