So I went to the Cosmo 25th Birthday bash at Taboo in Sandton on Wednesday and it was so awesome! We got to jam with the Idols and pretend we knew who everyone was! Zebra and Giraffe were AWESOME!! Man, now I’m sad that I’m missing Coke Fest this year because I would definitely pay to see them play again!

Grant and Anele we’re also awesome… they played a great set and we danced like there was no tomorrow!! Although we left early (it was a Wednesday night after all) I had such a blast!!

The wierd thing about it was that I didn’t feel out of place at all… instead it felt as though everyone was playing the “who’s the celebrity game?”. You’d walk through the place and everyone would look at you trying to figure out which celeb you are! Ha ha ha… was very entertaining, particularly because Mr. Perfect stands out so much (he’s 2.08m tall!) lol. I think everyone thought he was some famous rugby player or something!

Anyhoo… it was loads of fun and I can’t wait til the next party… maybe I’ll actually be a celeb of sorts!

You never know…. Well I can dream can’t I?? ;)

How ridiculous is this?? Does the government honestly believe we are that stupid that we would believe that they denied access to the Dalai Lama because we need to focus on 2010???? COME ON!!!! This is so infuriating… I really hope that this doesn’t go away for a while. It’s the first time that I really don’t want the drama to blow over.

We, as citizens of this amazing country, deserve an apology! I really hope that this makes people realize that our government really has no morals nor do they stand up for freedom! They keep going on about how they have fought for freedom and blah blah blah… but they don’t see the importance of the fight that other countries and people are going through for their freedom, for their rights! It’s absolutely disgusting!!

I can’t even think how Madiba and Desmond Tutu are feeling right now. How embarrassing is it that we talk about our struggles and then deny access for the Dalai Lama to attend a PEACE conference??!!!

Ok… I need to calm down. Breath in, 1,2,3, breath out………….!

Sorry about all the ranting but I hate hypocritical retards who think that everyone is so stupid that they can just lie and talk crap! Wish we could all do something, I’m so tired of being at the mercy of our government! I suppose all we can do for now is wait for the elections…….

My boyfriend (let’s refer to him as Mr. Perfect) is a rugby fanatic, when I say fanatic I mean, he knows all there is to know about the game, it’s his passion – he plays it, watches it, reads about it and even watches the highlights of a game we just watched!!

So anyway… since he is so in love with the game I decided that if I am going to have to deal with this I may as well start getting into it to – so I got involved, bought him Ellis park tickets for Valentines, watched the games with him, went to watch him play and all the rest of it, but it wasn’t until this weekend that I actually started loving it!

We went to watch the Lion’s play at coca-Cola Park… what a good game. It’s probably because I am a girl that I like it when the games are close… it makes it gripping! Keeps me interested – otherwise I end up watching the mascot Lion running around and teasing the kids, or the birds flying around the field (those doves are brave) or even the dancing cheerleaders. But this game was different, it kept me hooked… I felt competitive! I think that has a great deal to do with the fact that it was against an Aussie side!

That get’s me thinking… Mr. Perfect’s friends were there in Aussie kit supporting the Brumbies!!! WHY ON EARTH?? I mean they live here!! Apparently they don’t support anything South African! It makes me so cross…. if they weren’t friends of Mr. Perfect I would ask them why they live here and tell them to please take there crap else where!! (It annoys Mr. Perfect too but they are his friends after all!)

Talking about “Down Under”, my mom and ‘step dad’ are flying there today for his son’s wedding! (they’re not married but I see him as a step dad… I will just refer to him as step dad -in inverted comma’s – for my blog’s sake, as I do not feel like explaining all the time!) I must say, I am envious! Even though I wouldn’t spend money going to Oz! Well anyway… I can’t think of anybody who deserves a holiday more!!

There is nothing that boosts the positivity better than winning… even if it isn’t much. It’s so strange when you realize the simplicities of the human psych. It’s not always easy to see – being human myself – but when you realize something as simple as this you realize why so many companies use competitions for advertising and marketing their products. When you win, it feels as though you’re special, like someone thought of you. It’s so strange because it’s not really like that but the feeling can make you feel just as good, as if someone hand picked you!!

Anyway… the reason I thought of this topic is because I found a 1 in 25 lucky token in my COSMO this month :) Which is just so fantastic…. It’s so exciting!! I have been a COSMO fan for so long. I read the magazine every month and I think being included in their 25th birthday celebrations is really cool!! So THANK YOU COSMO for making me feel special! :)

Why is it that I finally get my butt in gear and start a blog and now I can’t decide on anything??

I swear, I’m the most indecisive person on the planet! I can’t decide on a tagline, a theme or anything really and how could I if I can’t even decide on a name for my first post! Like it’s that complicated? I mean really, would it matter? This blog is supposed to be just a place where I get to rant and rave about whatever I feel like and now I’m sitting worrying about such rubbish. This is why I procrastinate… just to avoid having to decide!!

It’s expected though, considering it takes me about 30 minutes to decide what to eat at a restuarant (and that’s only after I have asked who ever I am with, at least 20 times, what I should have out of a list of the things I can’t decide between – it even gets to the point where my mom, friend or boyfriend would have to flip a coin for me??)

This happens everywhere… even at Spur, where I have eaten at at least once a month for my entire 22 years of life (that’s scary!!) and generally end-up having the same thing! The list is always – Nachos, Burger or Enchiladas…. then I hardly ever have Enchilada’s and have the Nachos 50% and the burger 45% of the time. Except when I was a lot younger… then I’d have the calamari 100% of the time.

Well enough about my wierd issues…. it would be better not to scare everyone off on the first post, but hey who cares anyway… if I start worrying to much I’m gonna change my mind and start all over again and that is not an option!