Sometimes I can really frustrate myself. Lately my emotions have been on some kind of crazy roller caster ride and all I want to do is get off!!

I can’t seem to understand myself and I’m not sure how I can expect Mr. Perfect to even try to understand. I’m just in such a weird place and I’m really struggling to figure out why, where, and how to get myself out of it!

I was talking to a friend of mine over the weekend and she said she’s having similar problems… so we have decided that it must be the pill (we’re both on Triphasil and have been on it for 8 years – talk about a common thread!!) I am hoping that I can soon change to a better and much weaker pill and if it is that then at least my moods can stabilize again!

Actually, at this point I’m willing to try anything. I just can’t handle my own unpredictability!

Anyhoo, on a much lighter note… I read ‘Born In Fire’ by Nora Roberts over the weekend and all I can say is ‘Wow! What an awesome book’. My sister has always been a Nora Roberts fan and because we like very different kinds of books I was a bit sceptical when she first gave it to me and told me to read it. I definitely underestimated how well my sister knows me. It turned out to be one of my favourite books ever…. and it’s a trilogy! YAY!! I’m going to get the next installment “Born In Ice” today or tomorrow. I can’t wait to find out what happens next :)

This weekend we decided to go camping and dubbed it “THE BEST CAMPING WEEKEND EVER”, and was it?

The answer is YES!I had no idea that camping was that much fun – although, in all fairness, I wouldn’t exactly call it proper camping!

The Golden Leopard Resort is what I would call a five star campsite (at a very good price though). The bathrooms are very modern, clean and practical . There’s electricity at certain camp sites and there are even guys that will put up and take down your tent for you.

There is also a shop and a restaurant at the resort (the shop was a life saver considering that we all forgot the firewood and what’s camping with out roasting marshmellows??)

The resort is in the Pilansberg so it’s really a fun, cheap getaway to the bush. It’s definitely a must for nature lovers. While we were there we saw Impala, Monkey’s, Baboons, Warthogs and Mongoose – and that’s just in the actual campsite! We could even hear the lions roaring at night.

The game drives were also absolutely amazing! We saw everything except the big cats – some of the other people there did get to see the Lions and Cheetahs though. We just couldn’t find them.

The early morning drive on Sunday was the highlight of the trip. We saw a heard of Elephant right next to the road and they had a very young baby with them. It was so young that it hadn’t quite figured out how it’s trunk worked yet. I could have watched them for hours but the baby didn’t seem to like us staring at it and started trying to charge at the cars – at that point you know it’s time to move along.

We also ended up right in the middle of a herd of Giraffe. There were about 10 of them all around us – they really are such beautiful and graceful animals. Since we went to the Lion Park a few months ago and got to feed them I have felt this strange attachment to them.

On Saturday evening we also got to see the Brown Hyena- which is really rare. We didn’t get a very good look because it just ran across the road in front of us, but it was awesome none-the-less.

We also saw Rhino, Jackals, Zebra, Kudu, Waterbuck, Wildebeest, Springbuck, Buffalo and a lot of bird life!

All in all it was fikkin’ awesome!! Although we really over shot on the amount of food and other consumables we would need , but oh well… at least we now for next time!

I have a seriously bad procrastination problem!

Taking this half day job, I told myself that I would spend my extra time blogging and building my creative side – writing, drawing, painting, etc… but what have I done exactly?….. zilch.

At the moment this is how it goes: Get home from work, have lunch, watch previous days missed TV programs, surf channels for something good to watch, find crap on tv that “I have to watch now because I have gotten into it and I need to see what happens”, snack on something in the fridge, snack on something in the cupboard, “Oh look it’s 17h00, no point in doing anything now, the days already gone”, “Will try again tomorrow!”…..

And this just continues to happen, so today I brought home my laptop in an attempt to force myself to do something!

And here I am….

Lets hope I can keep it up!

Men just don’t get it sometimes do they? Sometimes I wonder if we speak a different language and even worse, I sometimes wonder if he even knows me at all!

Whenever I’m frustrated or upset he always thinks it’s about the most ridiculous things. “I mean really, do you honestly think I get angry because you didn’t make the bed or some coffee??”

Is that as deep as it goes? Can’t you possibly see what’s actually going on! Oh my…. why do men and women have to have such different views of the world!

Wouldn’t it be easier if somehow we could just understand each other!

Anyhoo…. on a different note, I just finished reading “The Shack” by William Young. What a good book… it’s a book about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit but not in a way you would expect. It’s a story of a man’s relationship with God and it leaves you feeling full and happy (you know that warm squishy feeling).

The strange thing I find with all these spiritual books is that they all say the same thing, just using different terminology’s. I think different books will speak to different people, whatever fits your life and your beliefs at the time.

Anyway… you should read it. No matter what you believe, it’s a touching story.

Saturday was mine and Mr. Perfect’s anniversary! Man, time really flies. It’s actually scary…. the older you get the faster it goes. I remember how slowly time used to go when I was at school, the holidays used to always seem so far away. In varsity it was a bit faster but I only really starting realizing how fast time was going in my last year at varsity… the holidays felt as though they were on top of each other! It was such a strange feeling, like I didn’t have enough time.

Now that I’m working the days just fly past. Although being away this last 2 weeks have slowed things down a bit. I think that the more different, out of routine, things you do the longer time seems to last. I wonder if that’s the secret to it? Although finding time to do different things in everyday life just seems too impossible… how ironic?

What a hectic week! I don’t even know where to begin…..

Well let’s start with my trip to Pezula! WOW… what an amazing experience! Even though I haven’t seen a whole lot of places I can safely say that it is the most beautiful place in the country! The views are exquisite, not to mention the service on the resort and how friendly the staff are. If you ever get the opportunity, don’t hesitate!

On to Indaba… what a whirlwind start to my new venture! I got so lost trying to find the B&B on Thursday night. (If anyone has ever used a Garmin in Durban you will understand why!). The first day of the show had it’s ups and downs, but it was all eventually sorted and the show began. After four days of standing and smiling and chatting to strangers and partying and eating wonderful dinners I can officially say I have experienced Africa’s Top Travel Show!! What a weekend!

Anyway, Today is my first day in the office and I really don’t regret my choice! I am so happy to be working at Pezula :)

I spent the last 2 days walking the malls of Gauteng in search of a shirt! I know this may sound very melodramatic and rather ridiculous but it’s true! (Ok maybe not every mall in Gauteng, but close enough!)

I have been blessed with great boobs, which always made my sister incredibly jealous, but as a large breasted women it is hard to explain to not so large breasted women that it doesn’t come with it’s own set of cons!!

Let me explain, I need a uniform for my new job. The uniform is just a plain black suit and a plain collared shirt (colour doesn’t matter). Now I found the suits but I can’t find a single shirt that fits me. I have always had a problem with button up shirts, the buttons pull around the boobs and make these little loops which is not a very desirable office (nor anywhere else) look!!

I must’ve tried on a good 50 shirts this weekend. We (Mr. Perfect was such a godsend) went to Clear Water, Eastgate and The Glen and walked them flat…. it took 2 whole days (ok besides the 5 o’ clock show at The Glen on Sunday – we deserved a break I tell you!) and I still haven’t found a collared shirt! I’m telling you, everytime I found one that was made for women like me they didn’t have my size or it was in soem horrific colour!

So I am going to have to go shopping again this weekend! This time I have to find a shirt (I’ll buy three if I could just find one that fits) because I leave for Indaba on the 7th (I’m in Knysna from the 4th – 6th) and I need it for the show!

Anyone got any suggestions??

(I did at least find the suits and a nice pair of comfy shoes to wear with them :))

I’ve been out of action for a few days (ok maybe that’s a bit melodramatic) but I am training the new lab tech and I don’t particularly want her to see me writing in my blog and I have been too lazy to write when I get home, so out of action sounds a lot better!

Anyhoo… I stood in a queue for 2 hours and 40 minutes to vote yesterday! Who would have thought that it would take that long, in Alberton of all places, I mean they had 3 blady voting stations! I definitely wasn’t prepared, after waiting about 1 hour and 30 minutes my mom brought us lunch (she had voted at a different station and it took her 50 minutes and she’s an undercover angel!)And I was wishing the whole time, while in queue, that I had brought my book!

I have been reading “This Charming Man” by Marian Keys. (I’m a complete sap for girlie romantic, comedic, sexy books – can’t help it!). Well actually I finished it yesterday and it really was a good book – not as girlie and romantic as expected – but was funny, witty and clever! It actually had a surprisingly darker undertone than most books I’ve read, but was still brilliant! (Maybe that’s why it was more brilliant than usual!)

I bought the book initially to kill the boredom of training said new lab tech, but as usual got involved and have finished it already! And now I’m too scared to buy a new book because I’ll get involved again and will miss my long weekend – either because I’ll be reading the entire time or because my head will still be in book while my body is else where – which Mr. Perfect doesn’t understand and he, understandably, gets rather annoyed! So I will just have to be bored for the next 5 days – and try to get a chance to write when new lab tech isn’t paying attention :)

I have officially decided that Mossel Bay is the most beautiful place in the country! (Ok, well I haven’t been everywhere in the country and my ‘stepdad’ keeps saying that I must wait until I’ve seen Knysna – in TWO Weeks- and then I can decide, but anyway!) It is amazing. The views, the sea, the beaches, the mountains and the seals, sharks, dolphins and whales are f*@king fantastic!!

We went on a boat trip around seal island…. it was so strange to see 3000 seals all sitting on this rather large rock making noises (I’m not quite sure what you’d call the kind of noises a seal makes… barking??). It was really a great experience!

The beaches are beautiful… the sand is sooo soft and the shells you can find are also really awesome. There are rocks all along the coast line and they are covered in Mussels, which actually looks amazing instead of creepy- which I would have thought!

Mr. Perfect’s mother and gran (Nan), where fantastic! They are such happy people! I mean, really, really happy! If that’s what living at the coast does then I really think I need to strive for that. They laugh alot and they are just soooo NICE!

The trip was also awesome… the views and mountains are just so amazing. Although, after a 12 hour drive home yesterday I must say that if I see another windmill anytime too soon I will scream!

Most of all though it was just really great to meet Mr. perfect’s mom and Nan and to get to see a bit of where he grew up – he went to high school there!

But anyhoo…. all-in-all it was a perfect weekend – the only problem being that it was way too short!! (Oh and that I didn’t get to have as many easter eggs as usual, which I suppose is actually a good thing!)

Whooo hoooo! The holiday is soon to be begin. I can’t wait to get there, although the drive is going to be a fun adventure (ROAD TRIP!!!) – Well for the first 3 hours at least – I think it might get a bit more difficult after that!

Anyway… It’s the first easter that I am not spending with my mom – ever! How wierd is that?

Easter is actually my favourite holiday – it’s the only day in the year where waking up and eating a hell of a lot of chocolate is OK :) – so it is weird not being home and getting eggs and doing the usual thing. I suppose it was bound to change at some point, but it just reminds me that at some point even Christmas and my birthday are going to be different. It’s still weird for me when I have to wait until my sister gets to my place on Christmas morning before we can open our prezzies – opposed to just waking everyone up early and going for it!

Anyhoo…. enough depressing talk. this weekend is going to be fantastic. I’m actually a bit nervous to meet Mr. Perfect’s mom. I’ll probably be even more nervous by the time we get there tomorrow!

Well I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!