So just now I was busy making some Anti-Perspirant Roll On (I am working as a fragrance lab technician until 4th May so I am required to make cosmetic bases at times)and everything was going perfectly well until I tried to move the beaker off the hot plate and the heat probe wire decided it felt like getting kinky with the stirer and tightening itself around the stiring pole! This caused a serious chain reaction and before I knew it everything was covered in AP Roll On and when I say everything, I mean everything.

I had to unplug the scale, hot plate and stirer as the plugs were now wet and continuosly tripping the electricity! My stomach, arms and feet were full of AP roll on (well at least I won’t be sweating for a while!) and I could hardly move because the floor was sooooo slippery!

So now I am sitting at my desk – after spending a good 30 minutes cleaning the mess – and praying that tomorrow morning when I plug everything back in, the little blue light comes on and everything can be forgotten!!

Hold thumbs for me….

I suppose this just proves that I have made a good decision in leaving the Lab :)

What a weekend! It’s not like it was busy or anything but it was pretty hectic! Particularly because it started off sooo well! (Click here to see why!)

My car is still not fixed! They dropped it off on Saturday afternoon and when I drove it I realized that it now makes knocking sounds! They drove it to my house… surely they heard this??

On top of my ca frustrations, Mr. Perfect and I had a fight or disagreement or what ever. We sorted it out yesterday though (thank goodness!). I think we have gotten to ‘that’ point in our relationship. You know, the point where we fight more and learn alot about each others boundaries and how far you can take things before the line is drawn and blah, blah, blah.

Not that this is done consciously, I only seem to think clearly after the fact. Sometimes I think I make a bigger deal out of some things just so I can see whether he’ll fight for me. It’s like I’m trying to force the passion in him to come out! I realize this is insane and if I knew at the time that I was doing this I would slap myself but unfortunately it is only afterwards that I think, “Hey, maybe I’m just being pathetic and trying to get a reaction out of him because of my stupid insecurities!”

Anyhoo… this is me, and he loves me, so sometimes he will just have to deal with my insanity! And sometimes I will just have to relax, breath in and out and try to think clearly before the fact!

Whooo hoooo! I just got the itinerary for my induction at the hotel of the new job! It goes like this:


07h10 Flight departs OR Thambo International Airport
09h25 Arrival at George Airport. Luxury transfer to Hotel
10h30 Arrival & Check in
11h00 Tour of the Hotel & Private Estate with Fiona
12h30 Lunch at Zachary’s Restaurant
13h45 Transfer to the Barnyard
14h00 Horse Ride through the indigenous forest
16h00 Transfer back to the Hotel
19h30 Dinner at Zachary’s Restaurant


09h00 Breakfast at Zachary’s Restaurant
10h45 Transfer to the Barnyard
11h00 Hike through the indigenous forest followed by a canoe along the Noetzie River to the river mouth on Noetzie Beach
13h00 Picnic lunch at Montrose Castle
14h30 Transfer back to the Hotel
15h00 Spa Treatment : Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
19h30 Dinner at Zachary’s Restaurant hosted by Russel & Jo


09h00 Breakfast at Zachary’s Restaurant
10h30 Meeting in the Lagoon Facing Boardroom with Russel Binks and Jeanine Engelbrecht
Working lunch in the Boardroom
13h30 Meeting with Fiona to discuss site / marketing procedures
16h00 Check out & departure. Luxury transfer to George Airport
17h55 Flight SA 1510 departs for OR Tambo International Airport
19h45 Flight arrival

I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!! I feel like sending this to my current boss as an explaination as to why I decided to leave… you can’t tell me anyone would say no to this? (Especially someone who is not currently enjoying her job and just recently graduated!)

Seeing as it is Friday (and National Cleavage day, nogal!) I think I should go out an celebrate! Is it bad to be thinking about drinking at 10h15?

I am suffering from a bout of “Broken Brain Syndrome” (a case of unexplainable, irrational anger, frustration and doubt towards significant other.) I have some serious trust issues (this would be because of the previous boyfriends, I will refer to them collectively as Mr. Stoopid) and I just really don’t want them to effect my relationship with Mr. Perfect so I have to always bite my tongue and try very hard to think rationally! Which is rather difficult at times like this I might add!!!

Breath In…. Breath out…. breath in…. Breath out!!

Ok…. I’m feeling better :)

I really need to get over these insecurities!

Anyhoo… Today has been ok, nothing much has happened. I’m having a really boring day at work! Can’t wait til I start my new job and I can’t wait until Easter Weekend – we’re going to visit Mr. perfects mom in Mossel Bay :) I haven’t see her since I was 7 so it is rather nerve wracking!

It’s going to be a fun road trip, we’re leaving straight after work on the 9th and then stopping over in Colesburg for the night! (which reminds me, I need to make CD’s for the drive – there is nothing worse than a 10 hour trip with no good music!) I haven’t been to Mossel Bay before… I haven’t even been to Cape Town so it really is quite the adventure. I wish it was for longer than a weekend though.

I go back there on the 4th of May though… I’m flying down to Knysna for my official induction at the new job (the hotel is in Knysna)! It’s going to be an awesome year!!

Today is officially the end of the ‘playing house’ for us! I must say, as much as I enjoy spending extra time with Mr. Perfect, I miss my mom way too much. I don’t know how I am ever going to move out! I suppose it’ll be a bit different because it’ll be our own place. I won’t expect to see my mom when I get home!

Anyhoo… I can’t wait to hear all about their holiday. I’m also looking forward to seeing my sister. I haven’t seen her since we first discussed me working for her and now I am starting there on the 1st of May :) I can’t wait to start. It’s going to be so exciting! My very first weekend there I will be at Indaba in Durban setting up alone :) Although it’s working over the weekend, it’s going to be so much fun!!

At least today started off with a hell of a lot less drama than yesterday!! Except that my dog is sick (Her name is Sadie and she is a very smart and cute pitbull x staffie). She was coughing all night and this morning and then I had to leave her outside today. If she didn’t chew the baskets in the bathroom and sleep on my moms bed then it would be ok to leave her inside (Or even if she hadn’t learnt how to open doors). My mom is usually home during the day so she is used to having somebody with her. Shame, she’s getting old, although she still behaves like a puppy!!

Talking about dogs, Has anyone watched Marley and Me? We went to watch it on Sunday. It was so good! I’d love to hear what everyone else thought?

I can’t believe my luck! Last night as we’re snuggling up in bed and getting ready for some well deserved shut eye we notice and wierd light outside my bedroom window and what looks like a peron sneaking around the garden! We jkump out of bed and try to take a look arund, we see nothing! So we decide to call the Brackendowns SAPS because I’ve heard good things about them and only bad things about 10111.

Well let me tell you…. they have absolutely know idea what’s cracking! I mean, I live a few blocks away from the police department and they didn’t even know that there was a street by the name of ours! We literally had to repeat the name 50X and then he argued with us to say that we live in a complex…. WHICH WE DO NOT!!! Then after repeating our cell number as if the police officer on the other end were a 3 year old, they said they would come and check it out!! THEY NEVER PITCHED!! I got stood up by the police! Nevermind the stories where they take hours…. they just never came.

I imagine the poor bastard driving around the area looking for an imaginary complex. There are none in the whole area!!!!

Anyway…. we eventually fell asleep. Mr. Perfect did a very good jop in calming me down and making me feel safe! (It definitely deserved a special mention!) He is so special!

So this morning my friend (Let’s call her Ducky) came to fetch me for work (we take turns in driving…. same as the varsity days! :)) and we’re driving merrily along in the traffic as usual until this god forsaken truck decides it kinda likes her car and rams the fuck into us!!! Not only does he hit us but he continues to drive and manages to push us pretty much into the next lane!!!

It was absolutely insane! Then Ducky somehow managed to dislodge herself off the grill of the truck and we drove forward! The truck didn’t stop or anything! We got the details though: WLB447GP – YELLOW JERSEY LOGISTICS!! So if you happen to see this truck… please steer clear!!!!!!

So we then proceeded to the Edenvale SAPS where we we’re told to go to the Germiston SAPS as this is the area in which the accident happened (it was on the highway dammit!! How are we supposed to know which area it falls under!!). We laid a formal charge against the truck driver and my friend is gonna call the company (there was a very nice man – Cosmopolitan man – who stopped us after the accident to give us all the details in case we didn’t get them, as he saw what had happened). On a good note though the car seems to be ok considering it had a run in with a Truck – there’s nothing better than the good old rubber bumpers!

So we shall see what happens…. maybe we’ll at least get a shorter day at work out of all this??

There has to be a pro right?

Wow!! What a weekend! It went from being a miserable weekend to the best weekend ever in a matter of hours!

It was a rather busy weekend thugh but because Mr. Perfect and I are playing house it made it seem longer than usual which was awesome! It made me even more sure that I want to move in with him. We just make a really good team, although we still have some communication skills to develop… at least we recognise that and are working on it :)

You know, he really is Mr. Perfect…. maybe not for everyone but Mr. Perfect for Me :) We actually have quite a love story! lol. (I love telling this story so seeing as it is my blog, I shall).

So when I was 4 or 5 we moved from Jo’burg to East London as my dad had gotten a good job offer. I was a little tomboy when I was young… not the usual little girl who plays with dolls and tries not to get he dresses wet…. I climbed trees, played in the mud and got hurt often!

Anyhoo…. my sister was already in std. 1 and she made friends with a girl who had a brother the same age as me. Naturally we then decided we should be friends (well he knocked on my door and asked if he could play with me) and from that point we became best friends and because he was a boy and I was a girl we were automatically boyfriend and girlfriend…. I still remember how all the kids used to sing “Stacey and Mr. Perfect sitting in a tree….” (ok so there was no Mr. Perfect but you get the picture!)

Anyway, so we used to hold hands and kiss in the bushes (all very innocent) at school when we were in grade 1 and then in grade 2 my parents got divorced and we moved back to Jo’burg with my mom.

My first birthday after I had left he even sent me a birthday present! I never forgot him although I admit that I didn’t think about it much and I moved on with my life here and never heard from him again…….. until last year!

It was a day just like any other, until my sister phoned me and I just missed the call, I listened to the voice mail she left and all she said was, “you’ll never guess who I heard from today” and immediately I knew…. I don’t know how, to be honest it could have been a lot of peopl, but I knew it was him! I phoned her back, got his number and she just gave me the run down of what happened. Turns out he had found her on skype and had just moved back to East London after living in Alberton (of all places) for about 3 years. He looked for us when he first moved up but obviously it wasn’t the right time.

Now I didn’t believe in the whole soulmate thing before, but I’m battling to think of any other reasons as to how this situation panned out the way it did!

Anyway… I then smsed him (my sis gave me his number) and I didn’t get a response until he phoned me the following morning… hangover and everything… I jumped out of bed and we spoke and caught up! It was so wierd speaking to him again! It felt like I knew him but there was so much to learn.

Well then I signed on to skype and we chatted all day everyday…. I fell in love almost immediately and I hadn’t even seen him yet! It was crazy and I’m not that kind of girl, i’m causios and even cynical at times! But anyway… I just knew somehow that this was it…. that he was the one!

I was a student at the time so we put money together and he flew up for the weekend and it was so amazing!

He went back after that weekend and exactly a month later he had packed up his life and moved back to Jo’burg. (he was planning to move back at the end of the year anyway but he couldn’t wait! )

And I suppose I can say the rest is history :)

It’s a cool love story hey?? Something to tell the grandchildren!

So I went to the Cosmo 25th Birthday bash at Taboo in Sandton on Wednesday and it was so awesome! We got to jam with the Idols and pretend we knew who everyone was! Zebra and Giraffe were AWESOME!! Man, now I’m sad that I’m missing Coke Fest this year because I would definitely pay to see them play again!

Grant and Anele we’re also awesome… they played a great set and we danced like there was no tomorrow!! Although we left early (it was a Wednesday night after all) I had such a blast!!

The wierd thing about it was that I didn’t feel out of place at all… instead it felt as though everyone was playing the “who’s the celebrity game?”. You’d walk through the place and everyone would look at you trying to figure out which celeb you are! Ha ha ha… was very entertaining, particularly because Mr. Perfect stands out so much (he’s 2.08m tall!) lol. I think everyone thought he was some famous rugby player or something!

Anyhoo… it was loads of fun and I can’t wait til the next party… maybe I’ll actually be a celeb of sorts!

You never know…. Well I can dream can’t I?? ;)

How ridiculous is this?? Does the government honestly believe we are that stupid that we would believe that they denied access to the Dalai Lama because we need to focus on 2010???? COME ON!!!! This is so infuriating… I really hope that this doesn’t go away for a while. It’s the first time that I really don’t want the drama to blow over.

We, as citizens of this amazing country, deserve an apology! I really hope that this makes people realize that our government really has no morals nor do they stand up for freedom! They keep going on about how they have fought for freedom and blah blah blah… but they don’t see the importance of the fight that other countries and people are going through for their freedom, for their rights! It’s absolutely disgusting!!

I can’t even think how Madiba and Desmond Tutu are feeling right now. How embarrassing is it that we talk about our struggles and then deny access for the Dalai Lama to attend a PEACE conference??!!!

Ok… I need to calm down. Breath in, 1,2,3, breath out………….!

Sorry about all the ranting but I hate hypocritical retards who think that everyone is so stupid that they can just lie and talk crap! Wish we could all do something, I’m so tired of being at the mercy of our government! I suppose all we can do for now is wait for the elections…….

My boyfriend (let’s refer to him as Mr. Perfect) is a rugby fanatic, when I say fanatic I mean, he knows all there is to know about the game, it’s his passion – he plays it, watches it, reads about it and even watches the highlights of a game we just watched!!

So anyway… since he is so in love with the game I decided that if I am going to have to deal with this I may as well start getting into it to – so I got involved, bought him Ellis park tickets for Valentines, watched the games with him, went to watch him play and all the rest of it, but it wasn’t until this weekend that I actually started loving it!

We went to watch the Lion’s play at coca-Cola Park… what a good game. It’s probably because I am a girl that I like it when the games are close… it makes it gripping! Keeps me interested – otherwise I end up watching the mascot Lion running around and teasing the kids, or the birds flying around the field (those doves are brave) or even the dancing cheerleaders. But this game was different, it kept me hooked… I felt competitive! I think that has a great deal to do with the fact that it was against an Aussie side!

That get’s me thinking… Mr. Perfect’s friends were there in Aussie kit supporting the Brumbies!!! WHY ON EARTH?? I mean they live here!! Apparently they don’t support anything South African! It makes me so cross…. if they weren’t friends of Mr. Perfect I would ask them why they live here and tell them to please take there crap else where!! (It annoys Mr. Perfect too but they are his friends after all!)

Talking about “Down Under”, my mom and ‘step dad’ are flying there today for his son’s wedding! (they’re not married but I see him as a step dad… I will just refer to him as step dad -in inverted comma’s – for my blog’s sake, as I do not feel like explaining all the time!) I must say, I am envious! Even though I wouldn’t spend money going to Oz! Well anyway… I can’t think of anybody who deserves a holiday more!!