Yesterday I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pair of tickets to go and watch Jesse Clegg live at The Fringe Theatre in Johannesburg. Now, I will be honest, I have always liked Jesse Clegg (probably because he is Johnny Clegg’s son) but when my brother-in-law gave me the tickets I couldn’t for the life of me remember what songs he sang. I just knew that he sang my kind of music and I am an alternative rock girl after all.

It wasn’t a big deal anyway, I mean who passes up the opportunity to watch a band live, and in such an intimate setting? Yeah, no one is that stupid.

So after a complicated effort with Mr Perfect and his rugby, I decided that my good friend, Ducky, would be the best one to take as my ‘date’. Anyway, so off we went to the theatre and what a surprise.

We were lucky enough to have front row seats and I am not even lying when I say that we were practically on the stage. It was awesome. As soon as we were seated in the nice and toasty theatre, I could already tell that it was definitely my type of thing.

At that point I still had no idea what to expect because Ducky also couldn’t remember any songs off hand, but as soon as the band came out and started playing I realized that I knew a lot more songs than I thought. I mean, I have been singing along to Jesse Clegg songs in traffic for quite a while and I had no clue.

The band was amazing and the performance was incredibly intimate – it almost had the feeling that you were a part of his inner circle, watching his performance for the first time. Although, it sounded nothing like a first time performance.

The guitarist’s solos were fantastic – and really entertaining to watch. The bassist’s beats and her natural rhythm, were strangely inspiring. The drummer was cute and fierce, and also really fun to watch. (Did I mention cute? Though I am not sure whether drummers would appreciate being called cute….). The keyboard player was just too cool. He just sat bobbing, looking completely chilled and filling every stereotype you could come up with. And then of course, there’s Jesse. He was great. His voice is soft, sensual, and rough at all the right places. You can see his musicality through all part os his performance. I mean, even while he is singing and stops actually strumming, his fingers are still playing the different strings.

It really was a great experience and I would definitely suggest that you go get yourself some tickets (if there are any available). He is only on until Sunday (20 June 2010). You can get them from Computicket, here.

If you want to know more about Jesse Clegg, you can visit his official site here.

Oh and here’s a video of “Heartbreak Street” in case, like me, you don’t really know who I am talking about.

Today is one of those down days where it takes an insurmountable amount of effort to stay positive. I think it was brought on by the terrible loss last night, although I have managed to keep the positivity flowing in terms of that – there is still hope after all.

But at the moment I am just feeling down about the way things are in my life – as melodramatic as that sounds. I feel as though there is just no excitement in it. I know that I have to create my own excitement, and I really am a believer in the fact that we create our own lives and that the way we react to situations is what takes us forward or holds us back. But sometimes it is difficult to always apply that to your own life, especially when the negative thoughts and the sadness drag you down.

I have felt like this for a while, but I have been holding on to the good days. The days where everything seems perfect and I feel the gratitude and gratefulness of how things are in my life, I mean, I am lucky after all. I have a lot of things in my life that other people are not as lucky to have. But sometimes, no matter how grateful I may feel, I battle to ignore the feeling of life being ‘unfair’. I battle to look past all the people around me, the ones that are not lucky. I battle to stop wondering what makes me special that I get to have a warm bed and a great family, where they don’t even have that. I battle to look past the almost trivial things too – the things that I would feel embarrassed to mention. I know that the majority of people have a whiny teenager inside of them that sometimes comes out, but that doesn’t mean we need to admit to it or talk about in the public domain :wink:

I suppose, my biggest problem is just taking control; Pushing myself to move forward, to realize that there is so much out there, so many options and that I need to reach out and grab at them. There is so much to learn in this world, there is so much to see. I don’t want to miss anything. Then again, that might be my problem in the first place!

I don’t want to talk about the stupid cars that can’t drive so I shall avoid that topic and move onto other, much better, things.

I finished “Spirit Bound” by Richelle Mead on Saturday. (In case you are unaware, “Spirit Bound” is the 5th book of the Vampire Academy series and was only just released here in SA).

It was amazing. The love story between Dimitri and Rose is epic. If you’ve read the first four you will understand exactly what I mean when I say that Edward and Bella have such a simple life, in comparison. WOW.

There are still another a book to come – thank God – it will be out in December. It’s called “Last Sacrifice”. I hate waiting for books, but to me, it is so much worse when a series is over. So I can definitely handle the wait. At least there are plenty of other things to keep me occupied…

There is quite a list of books that I still need and/or want to read actually – “Burned”, “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” , “Beautiful Creatures”, “Hush, Hush”, The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, The Oprah Biography, “Shantaram”, “Spud”…. WOW. There are actually loads because there are also the ones that are still set to release later this year like “Linger”, “Curse of the Werewolf Girl”, The last Vampire Diaries, The last Night World, “Torment”, etc. And let’s not forget all the ones, that I see with the infamous word that gets me every time, in between

Okay, that is just crazy. I never used to be this crazy… but anyway. So I got “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” Soundtrack last week and I am in love. Particularly with “Heavy in Your Arms” by Florence and the Machines.

The entire Soundtrack is great… but that is definitely on my ‘repeat over and over again’ list :)

There was something else I wanted to mention but now I cannot for the life of me remember what it was…

Oh yes… HAPPY ‘TUESDAY-THAT-IS-LIKE-A-FRIDAY’ EVERYONE! Enjoy watching the game tomorrow, where ever you are, and GO BAFANA BAFANA!! You can DO IT!! :)

*blows Vuvuzela extremely loudly over and over again*

Yes, I am on Team Vuvuzela :) I love them… deal with it!

There is really only two rules in our book club. One, if you damage any of the books you borrow, then you have to replace them and two, you have to buy at least one new book to add to your booklist every three months. My crazy best friend is not such a crazy book reader, well not like me anyway, and she hadn’t yet bought her book so I suggested that we go any find her something new and interesting.

Have I mentioned that I am a complete book-a-holic?? I’m serious. I cannot walk into a book store without buying something. And it’s not just a normal kind of healthy addiction where I want a certain book so I buy it. No,  no matter what, my mind will just convince itself that I need a new book. I have no worries about crazy clothes shopping sprees with my credit card, but rather, that I really need to avoid all book stores when the end of the month draws near!

I am not even over exaggerating. There is even a key word that gets me every time. If I read a blurb or any reviews of a certain book and it has the word “unputdownable” written anywhere, then I simply cannot resist. It becomes pertinent to my health that I read that book.

So that is what happened with “Lonely Werewolf Girl”. I was helping my friend pick a book and came across the key word that has become my downfall, and then had to purchase it.

I won’t lie, it took me a while to actually start reading it because it wasn’t the kind of book I would usually pick. It was a complete impulse buy.

I am so glad I did, though. Martin Millar is an amazing author who managed to create an interesting and completely new fantasy world. He tells a pretty serious story in a way that is filled with humour in every corner – his writing style alone fills the pages with all kinds of humour, while the dialog is FANTASTIC and filled with sarcasm and irony. Each situation that the main character, Kalix the Werewolf Princess, puts us in has a completely humorous tone.

The story follows Kalix, who has run away from the MacRinnalch castle to escape the sentencing for attacking her father (who happens to be Thane – or King – of the Werewolves). There are a wide and hilarious array of characters that march in, out and all around her life, as she learns that she does not in fact have to be so ‘lonely’.

Each character is so well defined and so filled with twists and turns. This book is brilliantly plotted and I will definitely recommend it to everyone who is looking for something different and can appreciate the dry humour that fills the pages.

“Lonely Werewolf Girl” is truly ‘unputdownable’!

PS. If you want more information on the book or the author, you can visit his site here.

I had no idea how crazy getting married could get. It’s the second time at being a bridesmaid for me and I must say that when my friend first asked me, I thought, ‘WOW. What an honor!’ Then when it got close to the time and everything was going crazy, I kept thinking, “Please, please, please, for the love of God, don’t ask me again!!” But now that it is over and done and everything turned out perfectly, I’m thinking, ‘WOW. So who’s next?”

I know it might sound melodramatic, but let me tell you why I was begging for no more.

Firstly, this friend’s wedding planning started 6 months ago. The wedding was originally set for November but then her mother decided that she wants to immigrate to New Zealand at the end of June so they moved the wedding up.

It was a small wedding so it didn’t seem to be a problem. Her mom got cracking on the decor immediately and they booked the venue and found photographers, when we went to Oakfield Farm for the Bridal Expo.

All seemed to be going great. The other bridesmaid had a family friend who could make our dresses and we all found our pictures, picked out the material and went for our first fitting! Everything seemed perfect.

Then real life went on and the next minute it was May. It felt as though it crept up on us, completely! Now on top of the sudden arrival of May, our dresses still weren’t done. This women, whom is now known as  ‘The Crazy Bitch” (TCB), had been “sick” in hospital and when we eventually got a hold of her she said that she would be finished.

2 weeks before the wedding we accepted that “The Crazy Bitch” is in fact just that. After countless phone calls and attempts at contact (they even drove to her house but were chased away) the mother of the bride gets an sms from TCB to say that we don’t need to worry but if we give her R2000.00 then she will be able to finish the dress and they can have it by the Saturday before. The Other Bridesmaid (TOB) had already, at this point, paid R1500.00 and the material for the wedding dress had been given to her.

As you can imagine, panic ensued. The Bride eventually found a beautiful dress from a dress-hire and they managed to get it fitted and it looked amazing. On the other hand though, we now had 2 bridesmaids without dresses. TOB found a friend who had a Lilac dress from her matric farewell and I went on a crazy shopping spree in an attempt to find a decently priced purple dress.

Needless to say, it was not fun. Although I was lucky enough to find a really beautiful dress at Truworths.

So we were finally feeling good about finding dresses, but then on Friday night, after getting our manicures done and while driving TOB home, I drove through some glass and managed to puncture my tyre pretty badly. So Saturday morning (the day of ‘The Wedding’) me and the bride were changing a tyre. It was hilarious actually and it felt great that we could actually do it with out even ruining a nail :)

So in essence, the entire ordeal, just reiterated my belief that no matter what, everything just works out. One way or another – it just has to!

The 3 of us, chilling at the reception!

Traffic is fantastic! I think out of all the wonderful, exciting things about the FIFA World Cup 2010, I have been looking forward to NO ROADWORKS the most!

What a difference an extra lane makes, although I am a little worried by the fact that the general population doesn’t seem to know how to drive on a 4 lane highway. For some reason people think that there are now 3 lanes especially made for everyone driving between 80 and 100 km/h and 1 lane for anyone driving above 100 km/h.

And this would be okay if we were a patient people, but alas, we are not, so the effect is just that there are now a whole lot of cars weaving in the traffic, going between 120 and 160 km/h. This could make for some interesting car accidents and an increase in our wonderfully high death toll.

There are just so many more people (since the roadworks began) who don’t grasp the ‘keep left’ concept. I can’t understand why, I mean it is the simplest concept out of all of them. I also noticed that nobody really makes a big deal of it because everyone says, “well they shouldn’t be driving so fast anyway.” That is so beyond the point. Someone driving 120km/h is just as dangerous as someone driving 140 km/h. What do you think the difference in percentage survival rate is between the two in a head on collision? Yip, you guessed it. Not much! But if you look at the chances of causing an accident while weaving through traffic, as opposed to driving in one lane? There, you will see a difference.

If you stay out of their way and in the two lanes on the left, then they won’t have to endanger anyone’s life (except each others maybe), and they can get where ever it is that is so important and leave the rest of us out of it. So the way I see it, 80 km/h in the far left lane, 100km/h in the next lane to the right, 120km/h in the next lane to the right and anything above that in the far right lane. Now, obviously there are idiots that don’t understand this, and trucks that don’t care. So by all means, overtake on the right, but just for the love of all that is good, go back to the left once you have overtaken!

Okay, that is my driving lesson for today!!

Oh, so yesterday I was reading my June Issue of Cosmo and they had some of the sexy men coming over to SA for the Soccer. I have now decided that my second team will be the US. My reason : Carlos BOCANEGRA

But, of course, don’t worry, Ian. My heart still belongs to you :mrgreen:

You know, I get that we have to do all these additional things for the World Cup (new stadiums, following FIFA standards, changing roads,etc.) but I really don’t think that security should be one of them. What has changed that makes it suddenly possible for our special forces to actually do their jobs? More money? A better incentive? The knowledge that the entire world will be watching?

I keep reading all these reports about the alleged Human Trafficking case in Kempton Park this morning, where they say that security has been ‘beefed up’ or their has been an ‘increased focus’, ahead of the 2010 Soccer World Cup, and I just can’t understand why the Soccer World Cup should make a difference. Why weren’t we doing this before? What are we doing differently? Are you saying that if it weren’t for the World Cup all those Thai women would not have been rescued? I don’t know about you but I’d like to know what that means exactly, because as far as I am concerned, when it comes to our country’s security and the peoples safety, we should always be at our best!

People die everyday because of completely preventable crimes (such as prostitution, child abuse and human trafficking). We don’t even hear about half of it, but all of a sudden the security for these things are ‘beefed up’! I think somebody needs to explain this to me, because I am just not getting it…

I remember when I first started watching ‘Sex and the City’, albeit I was a bit young, but I still appreciated the utter honesty and the humour of it. Yes, some things are a bit over exaggerated, but the great thing about ‘Sex and the City’ was that it wasn’t some fairytale filled with happy endings. There is a huge amount of reality in it.

Most women are actually like that. Okay, we don’t all have beautiful designer clothes, live in New York, or have 3 amazingly close friends, but we do all have at least one great girlfriend, we do all love the designer clothes and we do all love attention. But the biggest reality of all is that we do ALL LOVE sex. And yes, we do talk about it and we do discuss all the things that Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha talk about. (Okay, wait, maybe not Samantha, but that’s because we don’t all have a friend quite like her). My point is, that Sex and the City is not just some fluffy romcom that gives us some strange fantasies of soulmates and love at first sight.

Now, the reason I felt the need to mention all of that was because, if you have watched the first ‘Sex and the City’ movie, you probably would have felt as though they had turned it into exactly that – a romcom. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a good romcom. All of us ladies love it and most of us did love the first movie (me included). I mean, if I didn’t like the first one I wouldn’t have watched the second one, right? But now that I have watched the second one, I realize how far away from the series the first one was.

‘Sex and the City 2’ brings you right back to the TV series. It gives you all the same feelings and makes you laugh so hard that you cry. Samantha is back in full force, with all kinds of sex jokes, innuendos and sex in general. Charlotte is back to being the ‘girl next door’ who believes so desperately in fairytales. Miranda is once again her crazy, serious self, who has the best advice that anyone could ever need. And Carrie, of course, is back to questioning love! Throughout the movie you will be reminded of all of the things that made ‘Sex and the City’ the TV series so amazing in the first place!

They definitely hit the mark with this one and I suggest you go book your ticket right now :)

Click here to book at Nu Metro

Click here to book at Ster-Kinekor

“Feel It, It is Here!” – That’s the catch phrase for the 2010 World Cup that they have been saying on 5fm for the past few weeks, well today is the first day where I can actually agree. Today everything seems to be becoming ‘real’ and it is damn exciting!

The Brazilian and Australian teams have arrived (the Brazilians causing more excitement, of course!) The ‘Real Kaka’ tweeted the following:

And here’s him arriving in Johannesburg :) (Image via @richardmaspero)

The vibe is only going to increase from this point! I can’t wait! (Yesterday I  even went through all the match details on the FIFA website and I even read through the rules!!) I don’t know much about soccer, for the moment, but what I can say for certain is that by the end of this World Cup, I am going to know everything there is to know :)